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Entry # 138 Date Posted: 06:11:2006. Time Posted: 08:09PM
Name: James email web site
Favourite Artist: CREED
Favourite Anime or Movie: Naruto
Favourite Game: R-P-G
How did you hear about this site?: friend
I find your art work to be very good and by the looks of it you draw by freehand and I say you Rock with your website.

James Dupuis
Calabash, NC USA

Entry # 137 Date Posted: 22:10:2006. Time Posted: 02:19AM
Name: Lisa email web site
Favourite Anime or Movie: Avatar 37:
How did you hear about this site?: Friend
Hi Just to let you know that I Love all the stuff I've seen and wanted to say I'm takeing your banner to my site. I was wondering as well if is would be ok to use your stuff as tags at my group?

Thanks, Lisa

Entry # 136 Date Posted: 18:10:2006. Time Posted: 09:07PM
Name: Lewis email
Favourite Artist: Ben!!!
Favourite Anime or Movie: Ghost in a shell
Favourite Game: Not manga but Call Of Duty 2
How did you hear about this site?: I typed Ben Krefta in on google!
Hi Ben! I just bought your book 'The art of drawing manga' and its really helped me with my drawings. I use it all the time for reference when i draw and my manga has improved drastically. Many thanks!

Entry # 135 Date Posted: 11:10:2006. Time Posted: 06:19PM
Name: Tammy McVampy email web site
Favourite Artist: I dont know! too many! :P
Favourite Anime or Movie: Akira! :D
Favourite Game: KH2! :D
How did you hear about this site?: It was on someones DA page..
hey! Nice site! I want to get as good as you one day! I must get those 'how to draw manga' books. *ponders as to when I will have any money* Rock on!

Entry # 134 Date Posted: 28:09:2006. Time Posted: 10:37AM
Name: matt email
im inspired by your drawings and i hope some day to get as good as u=]

Entry # 133 Date Posted: 23:09:2006. Time Posted: 03:19PM
Name: LULU email
Favourite Artist: I have many...
Favourite Anime or Movie: InuYasha
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X2
How did you hear about this site?: Um... I really don't remember...
DUDE! You rock! I have been working on my own manga and anime pics myself, and out of all my stubborn years I've realized:

TIME TO GET PINT SHOP PRO 9! (even though it costs $300.00)

Thanx for all the inspiration!

Entry # 132 Date Posted: 22:09:2006. Time Posted: 06:35PM
Name: VauxhaulAstra email web site
Favourite Artist: n/a
Favourite Anime or Movie: n/a
Favourite Game: n/a
How did you hear about this site?: A book
Your art is splendifferous, is great to see a briton keeping up the side, I'm still an amature.
But I have a question: Do you use any reference, ie from a stock photo site or books. If so, have you got any suggestion of where I can go to find some? Thanks so much. My art gallery is here if you have time *see link above*

Admin Comment: Thank you I often use photo reference. Taking your own shots of poses on a digi cam can be handy, or you could try Googling for "stock photo" sites?

Entry # 131 Date Posted: 20:09:2006. Time Posted: 12:59AM
Name: Fredy email
Favourite Artist: FLOW. artist for Ichigo 100%
Favourite Anime or Movie: Full Metal Panic, Ichigo 100%, Pritty Face, Bleach
Favourite Game: Final fantacy series
How did you hear about this site?: I searched for cool anime
Wat up man cool pic's. I have a question i hope its not to personal. When you were little did you think of becoming wat you are today if so did you ever get support from friends and family at that time. The reason for these questions is because im 15 i luv to draw anime and manga but im not that good yet i told my parents they laught and set ok. I feel bad somtimes cuz I think my family supports me except my sister and I just moved so i cant them for help ether and I also got worried when i heard animator and manga artist dont make much. I need some ideas of wat i should do cuz i luv anime and i dont want to grow up and work in a stuffy office doing paper work. peace

Admin Comment: When I was little I wanted to be an 'astronaut' or a 'cowboy' As I grew up, I found a passion for artwork and just kinda fell into my role as an artist and designer. I'd advise you following your own dreams and just see there it takes you.

Entry # 130 Date Posted: 19:09:2006. Time Posted: 12:34PM
Name: Timothy Ijoyemi email
Hello, I need to commission you but I canít find an email address or contact info?
Get back to me as soon as possible.

Admin Comment: Cool. There's a link to my email address in the bottom right corner of the page next to the copyright notice. Since a few people now have had trouble finding my email address, I'll be sure to make in clearer and hope that will help if people need to contact me

Entry # 129 Date Posted: 19:09:2006. Time Posted: 04:55AM
Name: Riamu (liam) email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta (well duh)
Favourite Anime or Movie: Akira, and also Nausicca of the valley of the winds
Favourite Game: All Zelda and Final Fantasy games. Also Dragon Ball Z
How did you hear about this site?: When I Bought Your Book
Hey Ben, just so you know, im not one of those people who have come to suck up to you and ask for help. Nah im a Animator of sorts, specialising in flash. I wanted to know how to draw Anime characters for my animations, and i saw your book in the japanese techers room at my school. I went online to buy your book and have come to say this. THANKS. There, ive said it. You, Ben are my Idol, and because of your wonderful book, i have been producing great artwork. Now all i need is a website...

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