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Entry # 178 Date Posted: 16:08:2008. Time Posted: 10:57PM
Name: jake
sorry supposed to say "it helped alot"

Entry # 177 Date Posted: 14:08:2008. Time Posted: 02:25PM
Name: jake email
Favourite Artist: you of course!
Favourite Anime or Movie: naruto!
Favourite Game: the final fantasy series and the metal gear solid series
How did you hear about this site?: like most of the people on this site, i googled you!
yo, ben ive been interested in manga since i was 10 but only recently have i decided to put pencil to paper and try it my self, i was looking for some good tutorials on how to draw manga when i stumbled upon ur book in hobbycraft it was like an ancient relic destined to be my sidekick, i helped alot, i meen ALOT and now this is starting to look more like a letter than a post lol

eny way your awesome and i hope we could be good friends sometime

Entry # 176 Date Posted: 22:06:2008. Time Posted: 11:21PM
Name: Alexandra Schafer email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Tokyo Godfathers
Favourite Game: FFVIII
How did you hear about this site?: googled "Ben Krefta" after rereading his book
Wow. I've owned your book "The Art of Drawing Manga" for years, but I only just stumbled upon the site. Looking at your art page, it's obvious just how much you've improved over the years. Congrats for being such a fabulous artist! The rest of us can only hope to reach your level of skillz (with a 'z', of course) in our lifetimes.

Entry # 175 Date Posted: 24:05:2008. Time Posted: 09:14PM
Name: David Adams email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Karas
Favourite Game: Fire Emblem
How did you hear about this site?: Brought a book by Ben serched it on the internet
Love your work
I brought one of your step-by-step books it's very useful.
I only just started drawing manga.
Hit a few herdales along the way like trying to fit a character to one page (I like to draw big)any tips?
Keep up the fantastic work I hope you get to draw all your favourite characters.

Admin Comment: Glad the book is helping. How about using bigger paper? Or use faint lines to flesh out the proportions first before committing to add detail?

Entry # 174 Date Posted: 09:03:2008. Time Posted: 06:05AM
Name: bailey
Favourite Artist: drowning pool
Favourite Anime or Movie: inuyasha
Favourite Game: dragonball z budokai tenchiechi 2
How did you hear about this site?: yes
i love this website because this website has really great pictures

Entry # 173 Date Posted: 08:02:2008. Time Posted: 01:12AM
Name: orion anderson email
Favourite Artist: billy mccarty
Favourite Anime or Movie: oh my goddess!!
Favourite Game: thpg
How did you hear about this site?: google
Ben, I bought your Step-By-Step MANGA book and I have perfected drawing Heather. I am writing a book and I would like to have that drawing in an illutration. I would like to have permission by you to use her. I do not have an e-mail account but you may contact me my calling at: (321)-383-3430. Please call me.
Sincerely, Orion Anderson.

Admin Comment: Glad you like my work. You can email me: ben [at] organicmetal.co.uk

Entry # 172 Date Posted: 31:01:2008. Time Posted: 04:42PM
Name: Devon email web site
Favourite Anime or Movie: Blood+
How did you hear about this site?: Google Search
Hey, Ben! I got your book, "The Art of Drawing Manga" and it has really helped me. I've just started drawing manga and hope to achieve the quality you've shown someday. I love your work, thanks for sharing the tutorials.


Entry # 171 Date Posted: 24:01:2008. Time Posted: 06:25PM
Name: Mike D'Arcy email
Favourite Artist: Picasso
Favourite Anime or Movie: Annie
Favourite Game: Jenga
How did you hear about this site?: Sue googled you
Hi Ben,

Great website! How are you doing?

I have lost your email address and wanting to see if you could update the web site for a fee. Give us a call or email anyway, nice to catch up.

Mike D'Arcy

Entry # 170 Date Posted: 18:01:2008. Time Posted: 02:06PM
Name: IAmLegend email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: Earthsea
Favourite Game: Spectrobes
How did you hear about this site?: Read the book
This website is great!
The artwork is amazing and there's just so much of it!

Here's an idea - why not create a page for people to send their own artwork to? That way people can display their own artwork alongside a professionals!

Admin Comment: Thank you I used to have a guest art section on my previous site but took it down, so you'll have to make do with sites like Deviantart for now

Entry # 169 Date Posted: 23:12:2007. Time Posted: 03:49AM
Name: joel portman email web site
Favourite Artist: dont have one
Favourite Anime or Movie: Naruto
Favourite Game: Basket-ball
How did you hear about this site?: no

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