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Entry # 28 Date Posted: 17:04:2005. Time Posted: 03:54PM
Name: mohammed email web site
How did you hear about this site?: from friend
Well, I like all your projects. They are all great. You have special way with drawing. I like it

Entry # 27 Date Posted: 14:04:2005. Time Posted: 07:11AM
Name: Shnookie email
Favourite Artist: Kincade
Favourite Game: Ultima Online
How did you hear about this site?: PSP group
I just recently came across your artwork. I love it! I am a asst manager to a msn group called Indulgence book club where there is a bit of psp used to make siggies for the members. I can't wait to use some of your art! Thank you for allowing your art to be used. I will respectfully follow your terms of use. Keep drawing!!

Entry # 26 Date Posted: 05:04:2005. Time Posted: 09:00PM
Name: Sarah email
How did you hear about this site?: Art of drawing Manga book
I found your book in a shop and it was the only one and id never seen it before and i love japanese drawings, (the eyes are beautiful!) and i had to buy it. As soon as i got in i read it from the beginning as i love art, and ive always wanted to draw manga-style pictures. I have loads of ideas and characters that i've always wanted to put down but was just never sure how! Thanku so much for your book, as now i understand more and am getting better!! Hurrah! Today i did the tutorial u did for the bikini girl and the cute japanese girl in the red dress...and they look fab! Now i really want to get them onto the computer and colour them using CG. But i only have Paintshop Pro..and im not 100% sure on how to do it yet...
You are so talented *tips hat*

Entry # 25 Date Posted: 29:03:2005. Time Posted: 08:28AM
Name: Samantha email web site
Favourite Artist: My friends
Favourite Anime or Movie: Inuyasha
Favourite Game: Zelda
How did you hear about this site?: Someone posted it on YoungWritersSociety.com
You are extremely talented! While I'm just a beginner in anime art (and I haven't yet scanned any of my pictures - my scanner isn't hooked up!), I'm still interested in learning how to shade using Photoshop. I'm thinking about trying to shade some pictures my friends drew for me. Your site is very informative, and I enjoy your work! Thank you!

Entry # 24 Date Posted: 25:03:2005. Time Posted: 12:41PM
Name: Bert email web site
How did you hear about this site?: I found it whilst browsing for anime sites
Wow! This site is amazing! I came here before when it was all orange and I thought it was great then and couldn't get better; looks like I was wrong!

Everything screams style here. I am just starting to edit my anime in Flash MX (for it is the only editing program i have) and this site is a great source for my long sought after inspiration.

Great! ^_^

Entry # 23 Date Posted: 17:03:2005. Time Posted: 02:49PM
Name: Anon A. Mous email web site
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: Tenchi Muyo
Favourite Game: Golden Sun
How did you hear about this site?: Found it on Google
HI! I anna be like Ben Krefta when I grow up! He's cool! Before i read 'THE ART OF DRAWING MANGA' I was rubbish! Now people look at my pics and I'm like !!! Now I'm happy! See ya!

Entry # 22 Date Posted: 11:03:2005. Time Posted: 12:03PM
Name: Nicola Gilbert email web site
How did you hear about this site?: Through Drac-in-a-Box
Hi there, I have just come across your site - I have been looking for ages for an artist that does commissions, I think you are very talented and your work is wonderful. I hope to be in touch soon with perhaps a self portrait commission.

Entry # 21 Date Posted: 08:03:2005. Time Posted: 09:37PM
Name: Sefie KL email web site
Favourite Artist: Masamune Shirow
Favourite Anime or Movie: Vampire Princesss Miyu
Favourite Game: FF VII / Secret Of Mana
How did you hear about this site?: I actually have "The Art Of Drawing Manga..."
Congratulations on such talent. I'm a manga artist too (How many times have you heard that I wonder : P)
But anyway, like i said i actually do have a book by you found it in Waterstones, I've added a link to this site in my own links.
Take care and good luck in everything

Sefie KL

Entry # 20 Date Posted: 02:03:2005. Time Posted: 10:40PM
Name: The Insane Reader email web site
Favourite Artist: Natsuki Takaya
Favourite Anime or Movie: ALL the Studio Ghibli movies
Favourite Game: American Mcgee's Alice
The layout you chose for this site is very intriguing... it kind of makes me think of Star Wars spaceships for some reason. The girl on the left of the page (who talks) is Brittany May, right? The mascot for Britanime?
I see a lot of webpages that just have really eye-aching layouts... colors that clash, designs that are typical and almost expected, et cetera. This, to me, is original and creative. Also very different from your first page, might I add.

Entry # 19 Date Posted: 02:03:2005. Time Posted: 10:18PM
Name: Saideki email web site
Favourite Artist: Akamatsu Ken
Favourite Anime or Movie: Evangelion
Favourite Game: Lunar
How did you hear about this site?: Friend
This website is great and I love your artwork. It is an inspiration to me as I am going to be starting a web comic. I hope that we can talk sometime and maybe exchange work.

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