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Entry # 188 Date Posted: 27:04:2009. Time Posted: 11:25AM
Name: Maira email web site
Dear Ben,
I am a tutorial writer and would like your graphics for my tutorials nutzen.I would you like tubes and also in my graphics verbasteln.I would be on a special permit very pleased.
My Url
Love greating from Maira and thank you for permission!

Admin Comment: I'm glad you like my art enough to want to use it. Please view my FAQ page for usage restrictions

Entry # 187 Date Posted: 19:04:2009. Time Posted: 01:17AM
Name: Aaron Lawrence
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
How did you hear about this site?: Google
I really love your work -- it's awsome! Thanks for sharing. You have my support!

Entry # 186 Date Posted: 31:01:2009. Time Posted: 02:16PM

Entry # 185 Date Posted: 20:01:2009. Time Posted: 08:06PM

Entry # 184 Date Posted: 20:01:2009. Time Posted: 04:27PM
Name: David Edwards email web site
Favourite Artist: Jon Burgerman
Favourite Anime or Movie: Fight Club
Favourite Game: Goldeneye
How did you hear about this site?: Bought your book
Great book, I launched a website last year. asittingduck.com
It would be awesome for you to join the designers page, Im looking for 12, I've found 1 I've got 11 more to find.



Entry # 183 Date Posted: 14:01:2009. Time Posted: 07:46PM

Entry # 182 Date Posted: 09:12:2008. Time Posted: 01:57AM
Name: angela paola nieto romero email
Favourite Artist: mark crilley
Favourite Anime or Movie: suzumiya haruhi
Favourite Game: tekken

Entry # 181 Date Posted: 29:10:2008. Time Posted: 01:45PM
Name: james morgan email
oops forgot to put down my e-mail sotonboyjames@hotmail.com

Entry # 180 Date Posted: 28:10:2008. Time Posted: 09:14AM
Name: james morgan email
Favourite Artist: has to be escher
Favourite Anime or Movie: probably avatar rise of the blak sun
Favourite Game: lotr tht third age
How did you hear about this site?: i searched for you because i wanted to ask something
umm hi i couldnt find your e-mail so next best thing
i was drawing a group of characters i like to call terrain masters
but when i came to the water mistress i wanted a peaceful feel and at that point i found i am hopeless at drawing feet i checked taodm no feet is it in any other books or can you e-mail me a how to?

Admin Comment: While I can't write how-to guides for everyone, I'd suggest taking photos of feet and using them as reference. My Email is ben [at] organicmetal.co.uk. All the best.

Entry # 179 Date Posted: 23:10:2008. Time Posted: 01:02PM
Name: Jerome email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta Tite Kubo
Favourite Anime or Movie: Bleach
Favourite Game: Finaly Fantasys,Rpgs
How did you hear about this site?: Google
Hey Ben i hope you have enough time to reply but if not its ok you are probably really busy!.. I've found myself in a bit of a probem.. I've followed your book and complteted everything inside it but i find myself stuck!.. i can copy Manga no problem but When i try to draw it out of my head it doesnt look right!. No body around me draws manga so if you have any advise it would be appreciated alot!. thanks you so much for your amazing tutorials(Eyes and Hair are superb) they are the best tutorials around and your manga is so well done!.. hopefully with a little advise from you and alot of practice(and 50euro for a scanner).i can post some of my pictures!thanks alot Jerome

Admin Comment: Practice is really the only answer and try using photos as reference to help with poses and proportions. Best of luck

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