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Entry # 58 Date Posted: 23:08:2005. Time Posted: 02:03AM
Name: Lourdes email web site
Favourite Artist: Undecided
Favourite Anime or Movie: Undecided
Favourite Game: Dynasty Warriors 4
How did you hear about this site?: Search Engine
Wow, this site is amazing. The navigation is extraordinary

Entry # 57 Date Posted: 22:08:2005. Time Posted: 12:07PM
Name: Katie Chaplin email web site
Favourite Artist: from what i've seen, you!
Favourite Anime or Movie: princess bamboo
How did you hear about this site?: google search
Hi, I think your work is AMAZING!!! I am organizing a major Japanese arts event next May (2006) and I would love it if you could come to demonstrate/sell/exhibit your work. Do u want to get in touch and discuss it? Thanks, Katie

Entry # 56 Date Posted: 22:08:2005. Time Posted: 08:59AM
Name: Craig Rein email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: Dont know
Favourite Game: Final fantasty
How did you hear about this site?: friend
Your artwork is great I have read your book called "the art of drawing MANGA" it is great cant wait till chistmas to get your other book. By the way have you drawn for any games? if you have what is it called? bye now and keep up the good drawing

Entry # 55 Date Posted: 18:08:2005. Time Posted: 08:18PM
Name: karrina email web site
Favourite Artist: picasso
Favourite Anime or Movie: kill bill 1
Favourite Game: viture fighter 4
How did you hear about this site?: frm how to draw manga
ur talent is gr8 i hope i'm like u 1 day

Entry # 54 Date Posted: 13:08:2005. Time Posted: 01:28PM
Name: Ayden Crumpton email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta, Peter Gray and shane Crumpton (my dad!)
Favourite Anime or Movie: Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist
Favourite Game: Kingdom Hearts, All Final Fantasy and Jak3
How did you hear about this site?: Got ''The Art of drawing Manga'' and got inspired by Ben and looked him up on google!
Hi, Great site! One day i wish to publish my own manga comics and teach others how to draw..I love your book ''The art of Drawing Manga'' and i hope you can publish more great books and anime and manga! Ive been drawing manga since i was 6...and now im 11 so i getting alright. But im having trouble CG'ing...which is bad because i can make some sweet stuff on photoshop, lol! Im from a little town in VIC Australia and a only know like 2 people who enjoy anime and manga like i do...But my friends and i have almost finish out site which has most of our drawings that turned out nicely.
Well, nice typing to ya...
P.S I want your signature so bad!

Entry # 53 Date Posted: 11:08:2005. Time Posted: 03:58PM
Name: Toby email
Favourite Artist: Mark Bagley
Favourite Anime or Movie: Gunslinger Girls, Blade of the immortal
Favourite Game: Metal Slug 3
How did you hear about this site?: Saw one of your books, i liked the look, i typed your name into Google, presto
Hey. Your artwork is just Amazing. Your artwork is so much better than some of that in museums in my opinion. I'm into anime and manga aswell, and now that i've seen your site, i have a few ideas i want to try. Thanks for the tutorials, very helpful. including the scanner thing. Awe-inspiring work, you owe it to yourself to do more.

Entry # 52 Date Posted: 08:08:2005. Time Posted: 07:44PM
Name: The Insane Reader email web site
Favourite Artist: CLAMP (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Favourite Anime or Movie: Mulan (Disney)
Favourite Game: Thief: Deadly Shadows
How did you hear about this site?: A very helpful little book told me.
Okay - actually, I really want to say that that "nurse" drawing would look really great with color. But I should probably say something else... Okay... How about - Thief: Deadly Shadows is the best game ever!

All right, that was stupid. How about I just mention an all-encompassing liking for this site? And CLAMP's artwork as well. There, that's nice. And it's incredibly obvious that I'm a girl, isn't it.

Entry # 51 Date Posted: 03:08:2005. Time Posted: 12:28AM
Name: Leo Riordan email web site
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy 7
How did you hear about this site?: Fate, I guess...
After countless searching of the many bookstores in Ireland (of which are very scarce) I came across your book and I have to say that it rocks! Thnx for the help it will supply me with!
Keep up the good stuff!

Entry # 50 Date Posted: 17:07:2005. Time Posted: 02:09PM
Name: solomon email web site
Favourite Artist: u and then its joe mad ,jim lee and sorry to say i duuno any anime or manga artists
Favourite Anime or Movie: flame of recca
Favourite Game: nfs underground
How did you hear about this site?: just found it, but I've never seen it b4
Hey. Uh, I love ur site and ur tutorials. Nice to know that artists like u try helpin ur fellow kind! I just wanna say thanks. Im from india and there arent many ppl into manga art here. I tried gettin a job at gotham comics as an artist(penciller) but then i didnt get in and so I'm planning to make an online comic on india, something really fiction. I have never done this before so if u could give me some advice on how to make my online comic or just tips it would be reaaaaaaalllllly great. If u wanna check out my work, click the link above.

Entry # 49 Date Posted: 13:07:2005. Time Posted: 09:54PM
Name: Kisha aka ebonysunflower email
I Just wanted to let you know that I love your work and to let drop you a quick line to let you know that I would love to use your art in MSN groups that I am in such as Fairytown and Claypals.

have a great day

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