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Entry # 148 Date Posted: 18:02:2007. Time Posted: 10:17PM
Name: Cheryl
How did you hear about this site?: google surfing
Just discovered your site - amazing work! Well done.

Entry # 147 Date Posted: 13:02:2007. Time Posted: 04:03AM
Name: Trace email web site
Favourite Artist: ?
Favourite Anime or Movie: Samurai X, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, FullMetal Alchemist,
Favourite Game: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
How did you hear about this site?: I searched it after finding a book.
Ben. I'm a 17 year old teenager still in high school. My dream is to create an epic anime that will sweep the globe. I believe with my and your talents combined we can do that. I don't have a functioning e-mail but you can contact me through myspace. The URL is http://www.myspace.com/trace116.
You must be thinking that I'm joking but I'm not, I'm completely serious. My anime name will be Kitsune Samurai, it is at first set in the future and there is a war after a disease has been unleashed onto mankind, a dragon is awakened and it destroys the world. At the exact point of annhilation time stops and rewinds to the dawn of mankind. My main character Kiyoshi Akimoto, was cryogenically frozen and accidentally kept alive. He awakens around 25 million years after dinosaurs roaming and is found by an Elven princess, named Kumiko (I forgot her last name but I can have it by the 14th.) She takes him to a nearby town where she is staying with Sakura Taihei and Ryuu Takemoto. Again, this is not a joke and I am completely serious. I think you're abilities are fantastic, but from my analysis (no offence) you don't have much imagination for that fantastic talent to be exersised.
If you want to have a character description of Kiyoshi Akimoto then make a myspace and contact me. But I do not have any other way of contacting people, I'm using a school computer which has a lot of blocks, luckily I found a reverse proxy to find you. If you want to hear about my Kitsune Samurai then contact me. I really want you to be my artist for this, and I promise you won't regret.

Trace (This is my alias, I do not release personal information on the internet.)

Entry # 146 Date Posted: 09:02:2007. Time Posted: 12:22PM
Name: Ronin email
Favourite Artist: At the mo Ben cos i got his books
Favourite Anime or Movie: Akira
Favourite Game: Rainbow 6 Vegas
How did you hear about this site?: From book
Just started to try an draw Manga style, struggling but your books and site are helping, new skills are always good to learn.

Entry # 145 Date Posted: 08:02:2007. Time Posted: 09:10PM
Name: Jonny email
Favourite Artist: Ben krefta
Favourite Game: COD2/BF2142
How did you hear about this site?: I have ur book but found this site just out of luck!
M8 ur work is class. in GCSE ark im putin u as my number 1 artist

Entry # 144 Date Posted: 26:01:2007. Time Posted: 04:02PM
Name: Joe email
Favourite Artist: ben krefta :)
Favourite Anime or Movie: final fantasy : the spirits within
Favourite Game: halo
How did you hear about this site?: book
U ma insparation i ope am like u wen am older.

Entry # 143 Date Posted: 23:01:2007. Time Posted: 01:11PM
Name: Merrick email
Favourite Anime or Movie: InuYasha, FMA, Kenshin^^
How did you hear about this site?: book and google ^_^
I bought ur book 'The Art Of Drawing Manga'. I wanted to tell u that it helped me alot, good work. But now, when I look at the cover page of it on ur site, it is different than mine, on mine there is no gun -hmm, it's better with a gun.
ok, but it's not what I came here for, nice art and the website, I like it^^
and I have a question for u, but I don't know ur e-mail adress... can u send me a message^^, I would appreciate.

Admin Comment: Thanks. Check out the FAQ regarding the gun issue on TAODM book. Sorry you were unable to email me. There's a link to my email address in the bottom right corner of the page next to the copyright notice.

Entry # 142 Date Posted: 25:12:2006. Time Posted: 09:34PM
Name: Simmie email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Air Gear
I think this website (organic maetal) is really good because it has really helped me with my photoshop and using it it really :rock

Entry # 141 Date Posted: 11:12:2006. Time Posted: 05:47AM
Name: Jonathan Scott Griner email
Favourite Artist: Favorite? I enjoy all artistry.
Favourite Anime or Movie: The InuYasha series, along with the Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X series.
Favourite Game: Halo or Halo 2.
How did you hear about this site?: A friend told me about your work, so I decided to investigate, and he was right; Absolutely amazing skill and talent.
In all honesty, your work, or atleast what is available for public viewing, is truly wonderful. You have an excellent talent for art, most specifically manga and anime. I must ask you, how long did it take you to reach such a high place in your talent, and also, if you have taken any art classes, such as college arts or such-like. I enjoy your art, along with other artists', and look forward to more creations and works.
Remember to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Peace and Blessings,
With all sincerity and thanks,
Jonathan Scott Griner III


Entry # 140 Date Posted: 03:12:2006. Time Posted: 05:47PM
Name: Sadie web site
Favourite Artist: Got two - Ben Krefta and Jamie Hewlett (I am a gorillaz fan lol)
Favourite Anime or Movie: Nausicaa of the valley of the wind
Favourite Game: Operation Murdoc Time! On gorillaz.com
How did you hear about this site?: I've got the how to draw manga book
I linked you, but my sites only with piczo so yeah. I like the tempest triplets in the how to draw manga book! my site is currently under construction but u can come later and remember hail murdoc!!! lol

Entry # 139 Date Posted: 29:11:2006. Time Posted: 12:47AM
Name: Goran Rajsic email web site
We are looking for an anime artist for a music video. How can I get in touch with you. Our artistís name is Shella. Please check her music at www.rosehiprecords.com

Thank you,

Goran Rajsic
Rosehip Records

Admin Comment: Cool- I'll drop you an email. There's a link to my email address in the bottom right corner of the page next to the copyright notice. Since a few people now have had trouble finding my email address, I'll be sure to make in clearer and hope that will help if people need to contact me

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