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Entry # 98 Date Posted: 18:03:2006. Time Posted: 06:22PM
Name: Christie Moon email
Favourite Artist: Yourself, Tetsuya Nomura
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII
How did you hear about this site?: From your book!
I was very interested in learning how to draw manga style, but couldn't for the life of me get to grips with it. I found your book in Waterstones and it has been absolutely invaluable! I have been following your stuff since.
I was considering comissioning you to draw a one off poster-style print. Around A3 size, but approximately how much would this cost? As a humble student I'd need to sort out my finances. Thanks.

Admin Edit: Thanks Christie I charge commercial rates for commissions these days, so my prices start in the hundreds for CG artwork.

Entry # 97 Date Posted: 17:03:2006. Time Posted: 08:47AM
Name: Ibbly email
Favourite Artist: Paul Kidby
Favourite Anime or Movie: Slayers
Favourite Game: Legend of Zelda
How did you hear about this site?: Through a random Google search
Holy flying bleep! Shock and horror! I got a 'how to draw' book by you for Christmas last year! ..what are the chances of that..? I knew your name and style was familiar from somewhere. Anywhop, my unusual amount of brain activity aside.

I'd just like to comment on the fact that this would have to be one of the more impressive folio sites I've seen in... hm, lets round it to say; 'quite a long time'. It's good looking and loads swiftly, which are both valued attributes of a super-site. Also your Tutorials are very useful, as is your book, and I doubt you need me to point out how impressive your work is over all. .

..Perhaps it's about time I cease my incessant praising and ego pumping? I hope that you continue to enjoy your work as much as the people who get to view it surely do.


Entry # 96 Date Posted: 13:03:2006. Time Posted: 08:13AM
Name: Erika email web site
Favourite Artist: Don't really have just one! ^^
Favourite Anime or Movie: Inu Yasha, Chobits, Digi CHarat
Favourite Game: W.O.W, The Sims, Zoo Tycoon lol
How did you hear about this site?: Link from another site..
Hello. I was just wondering if you would like to do a link exchange? I've had a link to your site on my website for about a year now... & was just wondering if you could put one on yours.. The site is called ShatterFlii Productions link is http://www.geocities.com/shatterflii ..I love your site BTW & your characters are all so unique.. I'll def. be coming back! ^^

Admin Edit: Thanks I don't do formal link exchanges, but if you have linked me, let me know and I'll add your web page to the "sites that have linked me" list in the links section. Cheers

Entry # 95 Date Posted: 08:03:2006. Time Posted: 04:41PM
Name: Jen email
Favourite Artist: Rumiko
Favourite Anime or Movie: ...
Favourite Game: DARK CLOUD!!
How did you hear about this site?: Read the book, How to Draw MANGA
Wow, nice stuff you got going on here, eh? ^^ keep it up!! (btw, is it true you're only like, 24?)

Admin Edit: 24 in October 2006 ^_^

Entry # 94 Date Posted: 22:02:2006. Time Posted: 03:24AM
Name: Little Meh email
Favourite Artist: Yoshitaka Amano, Fuyumi Soryo...
Favourite Anime or Movie: My neighbour Totorro and many many more...
Favourite Game: Paper Mario!!
Hi, I am sooooo amazed with your work!! It's great that you share your techniques with many. I only realised you wrote books teaching manga drawing.
Not to be scpetical but I personally don't recommend people buying too many books to teach them how to draw. It only restricts them to one style. Whereas style should come naturally. (believe me, i'm not trying to put you out of business )
I suppose people who are really interested but don't know where to start, can find ways to start up by buying books. But in the long run I see that having your own way of working and finding new personal ways to draw is the key. I've seen how some other people draw manga and they use circles and squares... somehow everyone's characters look the same.
I started drawing manga when I was 8/9. Back then (about 11 yrs ago), there was no learn to draw manga and up until now I haven't used or looked into one at all cos I don't need it! All I had was my t.v and a few collectors cards. Obviously I started off copying, but very soon I realised I can do so much more than your mediocre manga character through constant sketching. Likewise I see that you have other styles too. I hope to see more other styles cos I don't see the point in reproducing someone else's work/ style. Don't get me wrong I still love my manga and anime!!
I just realised how bad my comments are... but people, plz don't think I am criticising you cos i'm not! And I am totally NOT trying to put you out of business!! Hehe
Well, I'm glad to have seen your work and it's a real inspiration too!! I honestly think you are a brillaint role model- your work, your styles and especially your generosity to share techniques!
Keep up the good work!!

Entry # 93 Date Posted: 23:01:2006. Time Posted: 06:15AM
Name: hush77 email
Favourite Artist: You! Ben Krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: Love Hina (manga)
Favourite Game: Splintercell
How did you hear about this site?: ninemsn
Hey Ben,
I am a 28 yr old Australian girl. My girlfriend Naomi was the person who put me onto the art of manga. She knew I liked to draw but she also knew i hadn't done it in a really long time as i never really found my prefered style. After discussing how I like to draw clean, neat lines but not realistic more like animation she took me to a book store & showed me some manga drawing books. Straight away your book 'The art of drawing Manga' appealed to me. I was hooked, I bought the book as i think your simple step by step guide made it feel achievable...even for me. So like you I first got into manga for the style of drawing rather than the content but have grown to love the few manga books & anime dvds i have been able to find (I live in a small town which makes it hard hold of manga or anime ).
For the record though i do have several how to draw manga books but none have been as useful as yours & i have had quite a lot of success at reproducing your characters. So much so that i have been waiting for another of your manga drawing books for 12 weeks, as i ordered it from the UK through the bookstore....patience is wearing out though....lol

I think you create the best characters visually & would love to see some of your characters in a manga book sometime!!!!!
Keep up the awesome work...got to go & keep look through your cool website,

Entry # 92 Date Posted: 22:01:2006. Time Posted: 04:58PM
Name: Amie Newnham email
Favourite Artist: YOU!!!
Favourite Anime or Movie: AKERA
How did you hear about this site?: Google
I Love your "the art of drawing manga" book! I also think the site is GREAT!!! Keep drawin'!

Entry # 91 Date Posted: 13:01:2006. Time Posted: 08:55PM
Name: w88d_b0y email
Favourite Artist: you
Favourite Anime or Movie: ninja scroll
Favourite Game: metal gear solid substance
How did you hear about this site?: my friend told me about it.
this is the first site i've been glued to for ages man. brilliant home page. i like your art style!! out of this world!


Entry # 90 Date Posted: 12:01:2006. Time Posted: 09:47PM
Name: Roshine email
Favourite Artist: Rei Izumi or you
Favourite Anime or Movie: Spirited Away
Favourite Game: Legend of Zelda
How did you hear about this site?: Found it on Google
Your site is brilliant! Don't listen to peoples critisim though, most of it's rubbish. I bought "The Art Of Drawing Manga" and now I'm buying "Step-by-Step Manga" as well! I'm getting really good at drawing manga now thanks to you!

Entry # 89 Date Posted: 12:01:2006. Time Posted: 04:02PM
Name: Hiro
Favourite Artist: you
Favourite Anime or Movie: castle in the sky
Favourite Game: parcheezi
How did you hear about this site?: chance
i love your site and i am moving to japan after i finish college

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