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Entry # 88 Date Posted: 11:01:2006. Time Posted: 11:22PM
Name: Li:love: email
Favourite Artist: Have many
Favourite Anime or Movie: Naruto
Favourite Game: Kingdom Heart
How did you hear about this site?: Google
This site has some of the best pics I have ever seen. Your artwork is great. I wish I could draw/CG 10% as good as you. Please send me some tip on CGing sometime?

Admin Edit: Thanks. Although I can't send tips, drawings or give portfolio reviews to visitors- please read the FAQ. Cheers

Entry # 87 Date Posted: 10:01:2006. Time Posted: 01:00PM
Name: Neil email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Urotsukidoji or Ninja's Scroll
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII
How did you hear about this site?: Looked it up after buying the art of drawing manga
I just have to say that I have really enjoyed looking at your work and will strive to become as talented as your!
I also like the way you have done the web site as it is very easy to access and user friendly! I will keep checking back to see if you have made any updates! I have only recently started to draw Manga myself and thank you for the tips.
Many thanks Neil

Entry # 86 Date Posted: 07:01:2006. Time Posted: 12:13PM
Name: Ricky email
Favourite Artist: Bow Ditama
Favourite Anime or Movie: Bleach
Favourite Game: Legend of the Mystical Ninja
How did you hear about this site?: yahoo
I really enjoy reading your books and I admire your work. Going over the tutorials on your website has made working with photoshop easier. Wish me luck in college next year :C)

Entry # 85 Date Posted: 06:01:2006. Time Posted: 08:58PM
Name: tim email
Favourite Artist: ben krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: naruto dragon ball z
Favourite Game: final fantasy 7
How did you hear about this site?: yahoo
hey i like your site and your books i am a good artist i was wondering if you could make it so fans could post thier art and off their computer you know so aspireing artists can post thier art and recieve comments about thier art if not would you recomend some sites.


Timothy Wilson

Admin edit: That's what Myspace and Devianart is for

Entry # 84 Date Posted: 22:12:2005. Time Posted: 01:36PM
Name: Star
How did you hear about this site?: Bought one of Ben's books
Just wanted to say, I love this stuff! Ben you are a great artist, and the books you've done are so helpful, I'm slowly improving - thank you! x

Entry # 83 Date Posted: 21:12:2005. Time Posted: 12:14PM
Name: Ben web site
Favourite Artist: Greenday (u meant singer rite?!)
Favourite Anime or Movie: ---
Favourite Game: Battlefield 2
How did you hear about this site?: Web
hi, great site!!! will recommend 2 all friends. Ive been looking at your tutorials 4 photoshop and they are brilliant, but could u post up a drawing of yours (dont have a scanner!!!) so everyone could follow along please? thanks again, and keep up the great work! Ben

Entry # 82 Date Posted: 03:12:2005. Time Posted: 09:43PM
Name: Anto email
Favourite Artist: you!!!!(well,for this month anyway)
Favourite Anime or Movie: too much to name
How did you hear about this site?: just found it.
i just got 'the art of drawing manga' for Xmas, so im not supposed to have seen it yet, but i took a couple of quick peeks, and thought it was amazing!!! Honestly, congrats on the great job u did on the book. Iím only 13 and a budding artist, I hope that your book and my effort will improve my drawing skills quite abit.
Someday i hope that i will be like you, producing some really great picks and getting paid for what you love doing most!
im having problems finding inspiration though, any ideas?!cheers!!

Entry # 81 Date Posted: 17:11:2005. Time Posted: 01:53AM
Name: ~anime angel~ email
Favourite Artist: varied
Favourite Anime or Movie: list:fruits basket, gravitation, kanniduki no miko, gundam seed /destiny, yu-gi-oh, beyblade, pretear,and more
Favourite Game: final fantasy (all) and pokemon(all formats)
How did you hear about this site?: after borrowing the"The art of drawing manga" book from a close friend it made me wondering if you had a website
i love your artwork it rocks!!!
i read your "The art of drawing manga" and that's how i got interested along with my best friend, who introduced the book to me. i'm only 13 so i've got along way to go 'till i can really become an expert (my friends say i'm good for my age but i know i could still improve). anyway, me and my friends think your artwork is so cool!!!

Entry # 80 Date Posted: 16:11:2005. Time Posted: 12:48PM
Name: stuart fielding email
thank you for your site!

Entry # 79 Date Posted: 16:11:2005. Time Posted: 01:06AM
Name: lynzi email
Favourite Artist: Amanda Hopkins
Favourite Anime or Movie: chi
Favourite Game: rps
How did you hear about this site?: i just found it randomly.
hello! i am an atist also. i saw your work and i am very impressed! your work is top quality for the amount of time you spend on it all. i hope you keep it up and i will be back regularly to check for any new additions.


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