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Entry # 168 Date Posted: 02:12:2007. Time Posted: 12:41AM
Name: Phenix Ryte
Favourite Game: kingdom hearts II
How did you hear about this site?: browsing through stuff *cough*
by the way kibdom hearts is the best. And final fantasy, square enix are good. Okay thats it... I'm talking way too much.

Entry # 167 Date Posted: 02:12:2007. Time Posted: 12:37AM
Name: Phenix Ryte
I don't need to give you anything, but I've just read your commision page and well I'll be frank, I need help, I'm trying to make a manga series but every time I sit down to start... I can't basically I need idea's thats all. And if possible I need you to try and design me. I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes... I tend to wear dark clothes and a bandana. I also never smile... perrhaps thats why people seem to shun me, anyway thanks in advance. Seeing as you don't have my email and won't be getting it anytime soon(It's not working currently.) I would appreciate it if you could place it somewhere on your site so that I can get to it. You don't have to but I would be eternally grateful.

Admin Comment: Thanks for your message, but I can only deal really with paid commissions requests over email

Entry # 166 Date Posted: 01:12:2007. Time Posted: 04:52PM
Name: Peter Winter email
Favourite Artist: Too many to note
Favourite Anime or Movie: The Blade Trilogy
Favourite Game: World of Warcraft/God of War
How did you hear about this site?: Wikipedia
Dude, excellent art! I bought your book by the way, The Art of Drawing Manga, and it's come in handy, I can tell you that! If I could, I'd get some of my own work on the net, so a real pro could see how I'm doing!

Entry # 165 Date Posted: 19:10:2007. Time Posted: 11:28AM
Name: Irmie email
Favourite Artist: Hiromu Arakawa/Rumiko Takahashi
Favourite Anime or Movie: Fullmetal Alchemist! Hagaren all the way man!!!
Favourite Game: Tekken series/Jak and Daxter series
How did you hear about this site?: I saw the link on the oage on you on Wikipedia
I was only about ten when I first got your 'Art of Drawing Manga' book
But it really did end up helping me out with drawing (since at that age I was drawing people in this random way). Anyway, I just wanna say thanks for making the book It really gave me a push and since it was at a young age, it kinda stuck with me.

Entry # 164 Date Posted: 23:08:2007. Time Posted: 12:08PM
Name: David email
How did you hear about this site?: Browsing internet
Really loving the artwork. Where are you based, are you open to requests?

David, London

Admin Comment: Hi david- I'm based in Kent. I'm usually open for commission requests, but I'm afraid I dont do free requests. see ya

Entry # 163 Date Posted: 08:08:2007. Time Posted: 09:10PM
Name: the dude... email web site
Favourite Artist: you dude!
Favourite Anime or Movie: i like spirited away that was pretty good
Favourite Game: .......
How did you hear about this site?: i read your book
i just bought your book today (the art of drawing manga) and have tried a few of the methods and i thought they were great so i just wanna say thanks!

Entry # 162 Date Posted: 02:08:2007. Time Posted: 05:49PM
Name: levi email
Favourite Artist: ben krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: dragonball z
Favourite Game: metal gear solid 3
How did you hear about this site?: friend
i just wanted to say you are a great artist i hope i can someday reach a level of youre stature.....

Entry # 161 Date Posted: 14:07:2007. Time Posted: 05:48AM
Name: swordmaster email web site
Favourite Artist: almost all
Favourite Anime or Movie: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST
Favourite Game: DEAD OR ALIVE 1,2,3,4
How did you hear about this site?: just surfing the internet
HI my name is miguel olvera, you are probably thinking who am I, well I'm also a drawer (in training),but i'm getting much better, well I love all of your drawings like the babe from holloween, christmas, and others, well thats all I can think of, but before I forget, if you can, can you tell me or show me how to improve on the arms and hands? (I'm still having difficulties). If your busy it's Ok, well see you later bye!!!

Entry # 160 Date Posted: 11:07:2007. Time Posted: 06:55PM
Name: Jin email web site
Favourite Artist: idk
Favourite Anime or Movie: naruto
Favourite Game: football
How did you hear about this site?: found it on google
I am simply amazing...

Entry # 159 Date Posted: 02:06:2007. Time Posted: 12:42AM
Name: ramell email
Favourite Artist: ben krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: spirited away
Favourite Game: kingdom hearts
How did you hear about this site?: trying to find how to see all of the pages from ben kreftas the art of drawing mang book and found this site
can you send me every page from ben kreftas the art of drawing manga book please

Admin Comment: Lol

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