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Entry # 128 Date Posted: 16:09:2006. Time Posted: 10:38AM
Name: Tori
Favourite Artist: Ben!!
Favourite Game: zelda...
How did you hear about this site?: a friend
I love this site its sooooo cool! i love all your work ben!, keep it up!

Entry # 127 Date Posted: 11:09:2006. Time Posted: 02:08AM
Name: Emily email web site
Favourite Anime or Movie: Fruits Basket
Favourite Game: Ocarina of Time
How did you hear about this site?: DeviantArt (clicked your tutorial!)
Just leaving a comment to say thank you so much for the photoshop tutorial!!! I'm new to Photoshop, and after following your tutorial my first pic turned out really good (well not really good, but kinda decent considering it was my first attempt!)

But yeah, it was by far the best tutorial i've tried and really helped me along (especially when it came to Layers... =^_^=) so yeah, thanks again!!!

and your art is awesome, by the way!!

Entry # 126 Date Posted: 10:09:2006. Time Posted: 08:28PM
Name: Ruby Mourino email
Dear Ben,

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see your work. I am teaching in Maidstone and a number of the boys love manga. I told them of your work while you were still at school and directed them to this site. Your work then and is now magically wonderful.


Ruby Mourino
Hundred of Hoo

Entry # 125 Date Posted: 01:09:2006. Time Posted: 03:28PM
Name: Crucades
Favourite Anime or Movie: Akira
Very nice site, so nice infact i may just try and become an artist!

Entry # 124 Date Posted: 30:08:2006. Time Posted: 05:56AM
Name: Cassy email web site
Favourite Artist: various(whatever passes my eyes) yours at the moment :D) OOH no wait matt herms
Favourite Anime or Movie: movie 5th element /anime GAAAH too many ltes just say cowboy bebob big o and gundam wing me likes the mecha
Favourite Game: whatever im playing at the moment (Halo2)
How did you hear about this site?: A freind found you out and sent me holloween stumble.com i think
If you have an art book for sub 50 US dollars to texas i could get one mayhaps. Just got a new job ^_^ my fave pic of yours is the the blue magician girl. File name Kawa_stand.

Entry # 123 Date Posted: 22:08:2006. Time Posted: 04:34PM
Name: Dianne email web site
My mother-in-law (a woman who just turned 60) found your tutorials to be the best explained on using adobe software for enhancing artwork, on the web. You also got her into drawing manga art. You sir, are able to draw a hermit crab out of her shell. Good stuff, hun!

Entry # 122 Date Posted: 22:08:2006. Time Posted: 01:37AM
Name: Sector
How did you hear about this site?: Google
I found your CG tutorials very educational and easy to follow. Thanks a lot.

Entry # 121 Date Posted: 21:08:2006. Time Posted: 09:08AM
Name: Takaar Adaal
Favourite Artist: Cloud (Daniel Fielding)
Favourite Anime or Movie: Gundam SEED
Favourite Game: HAlo 2
How did you hear about this site?: I read your how-to-draw manga books!
Wazzaup brother?

Cool gallery, but, might i ask, are you gonna post any new stuff?
YOU rock
PEace bro

Admin Comment: Thanks! I'm working on lots project at the moment and hope I'll get opportunity to post more artwork once my workload gets lighter!

Entry # 120 Date Posted: 20:08:2006. Time Posted: 05:46AM
Name: Dianne email web site
Favourite Artist: too many tied for top position - sorry
Favourite Anime or Movie: Ghost in the Shell
How did you hear about this site?: address was listed at the back of one of your books
Nice website, Ben! I have, however had trouble emailing you to let you know that I am running a writing challenge using your picture of the two bodyguards as the primary inspiration. I kept receiving an email back saying that my message wasn't able to be sent. If you want to check out the challenge, go to *see my web link above* and check out the writing challenges sub-forum. It is challenge six, I believe. I intend to throw in some other challenges in future, that feature art by anime/manga artists.

Admin Edit: Sounds cool! Sorry you were unable to email me. There's a link to my email address in the bottom right corner of the page next to the copyright notice. If any other email links thoughout the site aren't working, just let me know and I'll be sure to correct them.

Entry # 119 Date Posted: 15:08:2006. Time Posted: 01:15PM
Name: alikat email
Favourite Artist: fade (www.gorillaz.it)
Favourite Anime or Movie: saiyuki. definately. and anything with nekos. hehe.
Favourite Game: soul calibur 3
How did you hear about this site?: from your book ^_^
ben your artwork is amazing. i'm 14 and not REEEEALLY into anime but i still love it. not obsessed. anyway. the other day i was looking through your book for the god-knows-what-teenth time and i decided then and there i had to see your site. i want to be an animator when i leave school. not neccisarily for anime, as i'd have to move to japan, but for anything drawn. ^_^ keep up the GREAT work ben, i'm so glad we have natural talent in common. i only wish i could draw bodies like you.

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