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Entry # 118 Date Posted: 12:08:2006. Time Posted: 04:19PM
Name: Andrew email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Ghost in the shell
Favourite Game: Devil may cry 1-3
How did you hear about this site?: found it on google
hi just wanted to say i love your web site and that ive never drawn anime at all. I will now when i buy one of your books lol

p.s what other payments do you have apart from paypal ???

Admin Edit: Thank you. If ever people want to buy from me or pay for any goods or services, they can send me funds in a variety of ways such as Bacs/bank wire transfer, postal orders, cheques, or even cash.

Entry # 117 Date Posted: 11:08:2006. Time Posted: 08:44PM
Name: Heather email
Favourite Artist: too much to count
Favourite Anime or Movie: aww...i can't decide!!!
Favourite Game: anything that is easy to understand
How did you hear about this site?: im interested in manga and was looking up info on it and discovered the site
oh wicked!!!! this site is so cool!!! seriously!! i loved the info provided in the tutorials..it was way better than the other sites i visted!!! you seem like a cool guy and i admire your work!!! although "admire" is a lame term... anyway keep it up!!! its wicked

Entry # 116 Date Posted: 30:07:2006. Time Posted: 05:06PM
Name: Amy
Favourite Anime or Movie: Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura || Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Favourite Game: All the Tekken games
How did you hear about this site?: The Art Of Drawing Manga book
Hey there, my Dad bought your book for me a while ago, and I've been drawing (well, trying to draw ) since then! I hope one day I'll be as good as you, but I doubt I will. I love the site! ^_^

Entry # 115 Date Posted: 28:07:2006. Time Posted: 01:20AM
Name: Teddie email web site
Favourite Artist: Robert Duncan the 2st century Norman Rockwell
Favourite Anime or Movie: not sure
Favourite Game: backgammon
How did you hear about this site?: from someone who is a member of my group and loves your art like i do
I have seen your work in backgrounds and tags for a long time and have finally decided to check out your site. I see you give online permission so I think your art will end up being used a lot at my group. Thanks for being so genenerous with your talents. You are welcomed to visit my sites anytime. I have a graphics MSN group and 2 memorial sites. Again, thank you for being generous with your work and letting us use it to make backs and tags. Sincerely, Teddie

Entry # 114 Date Posted: 25:07:2006. Time Posted: 12:59PM
Name: vice email
Favourite Artist: ben krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: Ghost in a shell
Favourite Game: Devil may cry
How did you hear about this site?: 'the art of drawing manga' book
Yo! I'v read most of your books and your now my role model,if we had any actual choises in life that we could make for ourselves then i'd choose to be like you,you have a rare gift,USE IT!!!

Entry # 113 Date Posted: 21:07:2006. Time Posted: 01:57PM
Name: bob email
Favourite Artist: oliver fray
Favourite Anime or Movie: james bond
Favourite Game: hostal skies
How did you hear about this site?: google
hi i like bengosha and all the other guys you can draw buzzin things.

Entry # 112 Date Posted: 20:07:2006. Time Posted: 02:20PM
Name: ben
hello i am not ben i live in london with my fish i have a teddy called teddy bengosha is good but i can draw better than you

Entry # 111 Date Posted: 27:06:2006. Time Posted: 01:35AM
Name: dick email
Favourite Anime or Movie: giant Robo
Favourite Game: devil may cry 2
How did you hear about this site?: i looked down the rabit hole.
mad site, awesome pics. im a first timmer.. not just for your site but the www as a whole so for what its worth i really enjoyed surfing the first time, because of your awesome site, i work in a call center in southafrica, working from 11pm to 6am.. dimsam arigato one time for the julies!

Entry # 110 Date Posted: 19:06:2006. Time Posted: 08:23PM
Name: dusty ortiz email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: ghost in the shell: SAC
Favourite Game: Dead or Alive 2
How did you hear about this site?: searching the web for some of your pictures
Dude i think you rock! I've gotten my hands on one of your books on drawing manga and it's really been alot of help, so know i'm trying to get the others. I love the pictures you draw, and hope one day i'll be as good as you.

Entry # 109 Date Posted: 19:06:2006. Time Posted: 03:17PM
Name: Tony
Favourite Anime or Movie: Full Metal Alchemist, Kill Bill vol 1
Favourite Game: Star Ocean, Till the end of Time
How did you hear about this site?: Google is your friend
Great site and sound scheme, definatly grabbed my attention - hope your still kicking around - noticed last date tabs being 2004 =/ if you are, I may jsut have a use for you. ^_~

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