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Entry # 18 Date Posted: 01:03:2005. Time Posted: 11:36PM
Name: Juro email web site
Favourite Artist: Hayao Miyazaki
Favourite Anime or Movie: Spirited Away, lotr trilogy
Favourite Game: At the moment? Shadow of Rome ;)
How did you hear about this site?: I'm a regular visitor
Hey Ben, great new site well done! I love the chilled feel to it and the animations, very slick. I put you in my links section to my website, it needs a few small touches and it's nothing like this, but I like to call it home see you around!

Entry # 17 Date Posted: 01:03:2005. Time Posted: 10:35PM
Name: The Insane Reader email web site
Favourite Artist: Natsuki Takaya
Favourite Anime or Movie: ALL the Studio Ghibli movies
Favourite Game: American Mcgee's Alice
Heh heh... I'm still clammy. I came to this site (again) and to the Art Q&A section and BAM! The question I submitted a few days ago had made it on the list! I actually screeched, and possibly startled my cat out of a nap. Arigatou gozaimasu!!! So few people actually pay attention to what I have to say. I'm very very happy!

Entry # 16 Date Posted: 28:02:2005. Time Posted: 06:33PM
Name: Dave Pearce / Muteki email web site
Favourite Artist: too many to list!
Favourite Anime or Movie: Anything Anime or Asian Horror
Favourite Game: Squaresoft don't do much wrong.
How did you hear about this site?: searchy searchy engine
First things first, fantastic artwork mate, im a big fan.
New site is nice too.
I'd like to call myself an artist (be it not as good an artist as you!) and i'm looking to get into the industry, ideally as a freelance illustrator like yourself. Any tips?
I'm currently building a site, so give it a week or two then feel free to take a looksy. Looking forward to seeing more of you work. Thanks for your time.

Dave / Muteki

Entry # 15 Date Posted: 18:02:2005. Time Posted: 08:10PM
Name: Wilgum email
Favourite Artist: Lee Hammond
Favourite Anime or Movie: /
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X
How did you hear about this site?: found it on Google
I was surfing around for some CG art sites and came across Organic Metal. This site is seroiusly awesome. That artwork is mind boggling. Plus the tutorial is indepth and extremely helpful (do you know how hard it is to find a really good CG tutorial?) Keep up the excellent work.

ps. the talking chick on the left made my day

Entry # 14 Date Posted: 18:02:2005. Time Posted: 01:25AM
Name: Andrew email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
How did you hear about this site?: Stp By Stp Manga
Hello Ben I would like to add that i love all your art work and books, and is there any chance that you will be making another soon... if not pleases i need to find out how to make guns, cars, and a warewolf type thing so if you would like to make a book like that, i would like it very much. thanks

Entry # 13 Date Posted: 17:02:2005. Time Posted: 12:32PM
Name: Camdon Buckley email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krafta/ Kim Loh
Favourite Anime or Movie: InuYasha
Favourite Game: Final Fantasys
How did you hear about this site?: www.neo-epiphani.com
This Is a DEADLY site. I'm 14 and learning to draw manga. I got your book in Toronto, Ontario but I live in Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada). I think you and Kim have awesome talents, and I would pay to get more of your artwork/ tutorial books in the future. I wish to get as good as you guys and my fave tip is to use a catalogue to find a good pose. Keep drawing!

Entry # 12 Date Posted: 15:02:2005. Time Posted: 12:59AM
Name: Chad Casey email web site
Favourite Anime or Movie: (Anime) G.I.T.S./Akira, (Film) Blade Runner (Director's Cut)
How did you hear about this site?: Known about it forever...
I love what you've done with the site man, and the art is always a treat.

~Chad (f.k.a sinmaster)

Entry # 11 Date Posted: 13:02:2005. Time Posted: 01:44PM
Name: Tom (Shadow) email
Favourite Artist: you
Favourite Anime or Movie: Digimon
Favourite Game: Metal Gear Solid
How did you hear about this site?: Looked up on web
I have started to draw Manga, I have to start practising if I want to ever be as good as you. Please if u can reply send me some hints and tips, looked at your tutorial site and will be back to it probably loads of times. Keep up the good work....

Entry # 10 Date Posted: 12:02:2005. Time Posted: 07:17PM
Name: Stan email
Very nice site here, I like it a lot and lovin the new layout. Very nice images/artwork and I first stumbled onto this site when looking for a ryu image, btw how can one contact u? Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more of your art

Entry # 9 Date Posted: 09:02:2005. Time Posted: 04:10AM
Name: Danni email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta; Rumiko Tamahashi
Favourite Anime or Movie: Inu Yasha #1 and #2
Favourite Game: Inu Yasha secret of the cursed mask
How did you hear about this site?: Looked it up
dudeness! I love this site. I had hit a wall about a year ago in my drawings, and I didnt know what to do! but I was lucky when i found your book, the last on shelf, and looked through it. I was amazed! there is no such thing as a miracle book, but yours is the closest thing to it! It saved me from my block and made up for lost time. You are a lifesaver!
Danni,14, manitoba Canada eh

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