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Entry # 48 Date Posted: 05:07:2005. Time Posted: 04:23AM
Name: jennifer/Princess Bagg email
Favourite Artist: Rumiko Takahashi
Favourite Anime or Movie: Heh...^_^ dont have one
Favourite Game: final fantasy3
How did you hear about this site?: I learned how to do stuff from your book, and wanted to see if you had a site
OMG!!! thanx so much for publishing ur book!!!!!! now i can actually draw facial features without screwing it up and makuing it look like a 2 year old drew it!!! u r awsome!!! rock on, manga buddy!!!!

Entry # 47 Date Posted: 01:07:2005. Time Posted: 10:14PM
Name: rebecca bruton email
Favourite Artist: Ben krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: havn't seen any lol
How did you hear about this site?: my mum
hi! i have recently got into Manga and started to draw it. my mum was talking to her friend at work and it turns out she is Karen Hook, your cousin is her partner! small world! so she passed on your name and i wanted to say that your work is great! i'm just starting and it's not as easy as it looks! but it's really fun. have you got any tips for beginers like me? it would be great to hear from you!
Rebecca x

Entry # 46 Date Posted: 29:06:2005. Time Posted: 06:58AM
Name: anonymous
How did you hear about this site?: searched for it...
nice site!

Entry # 45 Date Posted: 25:06:2005. Time Posted: 03:39PM
Name: Drawn2Art email web site
Favourite Artist: Range Murata
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy 3 and/or 7 take your pic
How did you hear about this site?: Polykarbon - saw you there!
Just wanted to say hey and nice site. Im trying to get my site up and running and polish my artwork for a webcomic Im dying to do. Ive got a long way to go and real life is rearing its ugly head but all i can do is hope. Anyway your work is great and your site inspires.



Entry # 44 Date Posted: 25:06:2005. Time Posted: 02:32PM
Name: Jacob email
Favourite Artist: ohhhhhhhh, too many
Favourite Anime or Movie: errrr i havn't watched any
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy 7
How did you hear about this site?: read it from your book
Your book rocks! 'The Art of Drawing Manga' helped me make half decent manga drawings. Keep up thee good work!

With Thnx

Entry # 43 Date Posted: 18:06:2005. Time Posted: 02:09PM
Name: jason email
Favourite Artist: ben kefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: crying freeman
Favourite Game: the punisher
How did you hear about this site?: friend
I'm new to manga but have been drawing westen style for years now. After thumbing through 'the art of drawing manga' I just had to learn how to draw this amazing style

Entry # 42 Date Posted: 17:06:2005. Time Posted: 02:56AM
Name: Channy email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Inu Yasha
Favourite Game: Space Channel 5
How did you hear about this site?: Through a google search really, I came across it !

Entry # 41 Date Posted: 13:06:2005. Time Posted: 12:32AM
Name: Amanda email web site
Favourite Anime or Movie: Fullmetal Alchemist
Favourite Game: Xenosaga
How did you hear about this site?: link from another site
Very nice artwork you have here. Very nice. I love the way you draw your characters. And the site layout is simply awesome too! I just think that maybe you shouldn't make your female characters so busty. That's all. Other that that, everything on this site it awesome!

Entry # 40 Date Posted: 07:06:2005. Time Posted: 12:24AM
Name: Joshua Burns email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Anything Star Wars or Gundam
Favourite Game: 1st Person Shooters
How did you hear about this site?: www.polykarbon.com
I love your work. I hope to buy your book and expand my horizons in the anime realm. Your art is just awesome.

Entry # 39 Date Posted: 06:06:2005. Time Posted: 10:10PM
Name: KeePate email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: spirited away
Favourite Game: prince of persa
How did you hear about this site?: my book
I love ur site ben and i hope u put some more art for us to look at on it......ur my fav......and i want to draw like u man.....Keegan

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