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Entry # 68 Date Posted: 21:09:2005. Time Posted: 12:56PM
Name: stuart email
Favourite Artist: aint got 1
Favourite Anime or Movie: bubble gum crisis
Favourite Game: aint got 1
How did you hear about this site?: threw a mate
Hey, I think this web site is fantasic. I love it and hope theres more pics of everybody coz I like drawing them and puting them on my wall of fame for drawing lol. I know it's lame but oh well, I like them if anyone wants to add me to their msn contacts as well, then its stuart901@hotmail.co.uk
speak to ya later then

Entry # 67 Date Posted: 20:09:2005. Time Posted: 04:56PM
Name: Parrot_Snake
Favourite Game: Metal gear series,Zelda series, sonic series...
How did you hear about this site?: I was just searching on the net
I got a book for my birthday called 'The Art of Drawing Manga'
then today when i was searching the net i found this website and it turns out it is by the same person...spooky. I just wanna say that the book is great(thanks for the help) and I hope I'm going to draw even better pictures that before i got that book. I'm glad i found this website cause it is truly great...
Thanks for the drawing help

Entry # 66 Date Posted: 20:09:2005. Time Posted: 12:45PM
Name: Andy email web site
How did you hear about this site?: ClanWarriors Forums
Awesome work... just sending you some kudos!

Entry # 65 Date Posted: 18:09:2005. Time Posted: 12:55AM
Name: J email
Favourite Artist: Any artwork is an inspiration
Favourite Anime or Movie: Too many to mention! ok Gundam Wing!
Favourite Game: Anything BUT Resident Evil style! Scares the wits out of me!
How did you hear about this site?: I have brought "The Art of Drawing Manga"
Hey, Have had fab time surfin your web site its a real inspiration to see more of your work! I saw some of your art work on ebay too, people should be fighting for it (so to speak!). Well when i've mastered the art of managa I'll send you a picture! May take awhile mind! Take care and god bless x

Entry # 64 Date Posted: 17:09:2005. Time Posted: 12:20PM
Name: hyder email
u should do how to draw tutorials

Entry # 63 Date Posted: 16:09:2005. Time Posted: 10:05PM
Name: Butterfly email web site
How did you hear about this site?: PSP forums
Hello I want to say that your art work is outstanding. I have a new PSP forum and we will be using your images on out tags. Thank you for granting permission. If you'd like to stop by some time down the road, the link is posted above.
God Bless

Entry # 62 Date Posted: 09:09:2005. Time Posted: 10:30AM
Name: Benji email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Devil Man
Favourite Game: FF7
How did you hear about this site?: Just found it
What can i say.... You are awsome some of the best art work ive ever seen. i just wish i was as good as you

Entry # 61 Date Posted: 05:09:2005. Time Posted: 01:53PM
Name: zeb stovold email web site
Favourite Artist: Hiro Mashima
Favourite Anime or Movie: Rave master or Spawn
Favourite Game: none
How did you hear about this site?: google
Hey there. Thanks for making this site man. You rule. I realy appreciate the tutorials on photo shoot. Unfortunetly my parents got rid of my my,um,scanner I think its called and I can't put any pics on here any more. I'm pretty good apprentlY. I think I suck though. I'm trying to get really good so I can make my own comic or possibly my own tv series. any way, thanks for the art. peace

Entry # 60 Date Posted: 26:08:2005. Time Posted: 04:04PM
Name: Delphine email
Favourite Artist: you
Favourite Anime or Movie: vampire hunter d
Favourite Game: splinter cell
How did you hear about this site?: random name searching
hey , i must say thank you, you have really helped me and your web site is incroyable! thank you for teaching me to draw manga , i hope your entering IMAF this year because matey you've got competition!
anyway thanku thank u thank u
love your work delphine, please email back because your kinda my hero! xx

Entry # 59 Date Posted: 25:08:2005. Time Posted: 04:18AM
Name: Tuatar Raduiji email
Favourite Artist: Undecided
Favourite Anime or Movie: Undeciced
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy
How did you hear about this site?: How to draw manga book
I think this site ranks a 10/10 for design, navigation, and overall ease-of-use. The chick on the left could do with a little colour though.

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