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Entry # 158 Date Posted: 24:05:2007. Time Posted: 06:30PM
Favourite Artist: KAZUSA KAMASHIMA
Favourite Anime or Movie: tenjho tenge, ai yori a oshi and yaoi anime
Favourite Game: the king of fighters
How did you hear about this site?: searchin
i think this web is great speacially the girl beside that can talk that's so cool keep up your good work hope u write back by the way ur web site rocks i love it bye ...

Entry # 157 Date Posted: 16:05:2007. Time Posted: 08:41PM
Name: Jay Briggs email
Favourite Artist: Ken akamatsu
Favourite Anime or Movie: Love Hina
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X-2
How did you hear about this site?: Google
Your a really cool manga and anime artist keep up cool work

Entry # 156 Date Posted: 13:05:2007. Time Posted: 09:51PM
Name: Darin Mcksic email
Favourite Artist: Akira Toriyama,Ben Krefta,Eichiro Oda,Masashi Kishimoto,Takeshi Obata,Osamu TezukaShotaro Ishinomori,Laurie L. Thomas
Favourite Anime or Movie: Dragonball,One-piece,Naruto,Ghost in the Shell,Spirited Away
Favourite Game: DBZ Budokai 3
How did you hear about this site?: By search for Ben Krefta on google
Ben Krefta-sensei you rock!! The first book I ever bought on drawing manga was yours.It helped me alot.Thanks to you I found a solid way of drawing the human body(especially the head and eyes)
Your art is amazing I especially like the way you ink and color your art. Plese keep on drawing for the rest of your life!!
Thanks for every thing

Also if you can plese put up some of your art from when you were younger

Entry # 155 Date Posted: 10:05:2007. Time Posted: 12:00PM
Name: jamie email web site
Favourite Artist: jamie moran
Favourite Anime or Movie: gladiator
Favourite Game: final fantasy 7
How did you hear about this site?: freind
cool webby m8

Entry # 154 Date Posted: 30:04:2007. Time Posted: 10:06PM
Name: Leumas email
Favourite Artist: Alvin lee
Favourite Anime or Movie: DragonBall Z / FF Advent Children
Favourite Game: Project Justice/Street fighter
How did you hear about this site?: well, i looking in the internet.
Your tutorials, help me a lot to improve in my the drawings. Your art is great. Your arts and tutorials inspire us to continue improving our art.

Entry # 153 Date Posted: 22:04:2007. Time Posted: 08:01PM
Name: abi email
Favourite Artist: ben krefta
Favourite Anime or Movie: elfen lied
Favourite Game: halo
How did you hear about this site?: google
You're awsome! Out of all the anime books i have yours is my fav ^^ I love all your pics and you helped me to draw anime so thanx

Entry # 152 Date Posted: 12:04:2007. Time Posted: 12:44AM
Name: Brosami email
Favourite Artist: Brosami
Favourite Anime or Movie: Enter the Dragon and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Favourite Game: Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater
How did you hear about this site?: Googling
Hey Organic Metal man,
Great site, great pictures, and great tutorial. I was searching for photoshop tutorials and I have to say that yours was exceptionally helpful. I enjoyed the art on display. My favorite piece was Nikki:what a ditz lol thats how i have them you feel me. Thanks for the useful info. keep up the good work!

Entry # 151 Date Posted: 30:03:2007. Time Posted: 06:13AM
Name: Kaos email
Favourite Anime or Movie: Akira
Favourite Game: final fantasy
How did you hear about this site?: surfing
All your pictures were really good. I Have tried my hand at drawing anime but... alas... I am not very good and need lots and lots of practice. I amde a picture my very first finished drawing... But then I looked at my finished drawing and just shook my head.

Keep up the good work and hope to see more of your art work in the future.

Entry # 150 Date Posted: 23:03:2007. Time Posted: 10:43AM
Name: kirsty email
Favourite Game: animal crossing
How did you hear about this site?: on google
hi i have read all the how to draw manga books there pretty good but some of the picture are abit hard since i'm only a begginer it really hard because when i'm older i want to be a vet but i love to draw manga and i'm not sure if i should stick at becoming a vet or end up being a manga artist

Admin Comment: Animals are cool!- I'd go with being a vet. You can still draw manga in your spare time. Good luck

Entry # 149 Date Posted: 21:02:2007. Time Posted: 05:17PM
Name: Ditto Prihad email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta and Myself B-)
Favourite Anime or Movie: Voltus V (Classic)
Favourite Game: Knight of Xentar, Dragon Knight, Lara Crofts
How did you hear about this site?: Boutght one of Your book.
Hey, I was a comic teacher in Indonesia, now moved to Malaysia. Sorry for using some of Your material from "Step by Step Manga" for my teaching, but it's not the material, just the way I teach my students.

Tell You what, I saw a lot of opportunities in opening a 'comic school' or 'comic tuition' here in Malaysia, and I'm on the process of doing it.
What I want to ask is: Is there any posibility to work as a team in this 'school'? Let's say "Ben Krefta School of Manga" or sumthin like dat.

It's just a raw idea, but maybe we can add some wasabi to make it edible ^_^

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