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Entry # 108 Date Posted: 21:05:2006. Time Posted: 11:03PM
Name: Lisa email
Favourite Artist: they are all my favourites
Favourite Anime or Movie: Battle Angle Alita
Favourite Game: Halo and beat em ups
How did you hear about this site?: google
I think that your web sites really cool, great stuff you got there. It would be good if you can tell us how you get inspired or what you get inspired by. But keep up the good work, I will visit your web site more often to see your updates, so dont dissapoint me!

Admin Edit: Glad you like the site Lisa. Check out OM's Q&A page- Question 9 for what inspires me

Entry # 107 Date Posted: 08:05:2006. Time Posted: 12:37PM
Name: Liam
Favourite Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 5
im doing an art exam next week on manga art and am going to base it on Bengosha. It looks awesome

Entry # 106 Date Posted: 07:05:2006. Time Posted: 06:45PM
Name: zeb email
Favourite Artist: there are way too many good artists in the world.
Favourite Anime or Movie: Sky Blue, Hellsing, Hellsing OVA and Witch Hunter Robin
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X
How did you hear about this site?: google my friend
hey, your art is some of the best in the world. I keep typing your book into amazon but I can't find it anywhere. do you know any sites that sell it?

Entry # 105 Date Posted: 18:04:2006. Time Posted: 09:29PM
Name: Denna email
Favourite Artist: I like all kinds
Favourite Anime or Movie: Gravitation
Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda
How did you hear about this site?: I found it
I was lookin on the internet for some kool professional anime art and I just so happen to come across this neat site! I like to find anime art that I think is good enough to inspire me...well done art such as this makes me know how to draw better cuz i look at the details of a drawing and say to myself ...haha so that's what i could do to make my art look better! Well, keep up the great work
P.S. Perhaps if you want...you could put up some random art up here like zelda, or other neat anime art...and still keep yours of course! (Your main theme which is mighty awesome! lol) Good Luck with everything!

Entry # 104 Date Posted: 17:04:2006. Time Posted: 06:31PM
Name: James Mann email
Favourite Artist: Paul Kidby and Masamune Shirow
Favourite Anime or Movie: Ghost in the shell
Favourite Game: Tekken 5, Battlefield 2, Oblivion, to name but a few!
How did you hear about this site?: Through a Google web-search
This is one of the best presented sites I have seen in a while! Your work is fantastic and demonstrates you ability as an artist ! Thanks for the help with Photoshop, I have learned a lot from reading you tutorial. Its helped me with my art work. I will recomend your site to my mates down here in South Africa!

Keep up the good work!


James Mann, 17, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

P.S dig the tunes!

Entry # 103 Date Posted: 14:04:2006. Time Posted: 04:21AM
Name: Ray email
Favourite Artist: you!!
Favourite Anime or Movie: Naruto!
Favourite Game: Naruto!
How did you hear about this site?: I found out on google
Omg i love your site lol it is soo kool

Entry # 102 Date Posted: 03:04:2006. Time Posted: 07:43PM
Name: Tiffany email
Favourite Artist: Ben Krefta! and Kazuki Takhashi
Favourite Anime or Movie: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Favourite Game: Pokemon Sapphire
How did you hear about this site?: I bought Your book:How To Draw Manga
Hey Ben, your website and books are brill! The music on the site is great! Can I use the Avatar on my homepage on bebo? I'll make sure to say it came from you!

Anyways...Keep up the good work!

Admin Edit: Thanks Tiffany. Yeh, you can use the avatar on your page. Cheers for asking.

Entry # 101 Date Posted: 01:04:2006. Time Posted: 07:54PM
Name: jessica email
Favourite Artist: BEN KREFTA
Favourite Anime or Movie: INUYASHA
Favourite Game: lots
How did you hear about this site?: ??????
HI I LOVE YOUR PICTURES I HAVE ONE OF YOUR BOOKS I hope you sell more^-^love you site it rocks

Entry # 100 Date Posted: 27:03:2006. Time Posted: 12:37PM
Name: josh adams email
Favourite Anime or Movie: guyver
How did you hear about this site?: looking around internet for anime pictures
This site is really cool for anime pics. i gotta say they are really carfully drawn and coloured. i wish some one would help me draw like this one day as i do g.c.s.e art which is hard if you can't draw. please keep the pics coming in. im going to try to do one soon but mostly keep the pics coming in and send me updates on the website please

Admin Edit: Thanks Josh. No probs- just sign up for the mailing list

Entry # 99 Date Posted: 27:03:2006. Time Posted: 05:26AM
Name: Intelfreak email
Favourite Artist: Those who inspire me.
Favourite Anime or Movie: There can never be one.
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII
How did you hear about this site?: from traum4tized.com
Not often does a website bring me joy such that yours has. Animesque undertones mixed with an ambience of sound that blends the experience into what closely could be called conscience meditation. I wish my desktop could be this inspiring. Thanks for the visual journey.

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