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Would you like to commission me to work on your project?
Two company show reel video cover designs completed while working at Capricorn Productions
Advert design for Drac-In-A-Box, a gothic clothing company. Also includes logo design and extras for their CyberWear website
Ideas for online comic. Hayo and his brothers set out to get revenge on the evil crime lord Garrod
nikki contest
Winners of the Nikki fanart contest held at Solace BBS for May '01
My take on two of the characters featuring in the Mar '01 Monthly Anime Gaijin contest
A two page manga, made for the Feb '01 Monthly Anime Gaijin contest
oni comp
Hosted the Oni computer game fanart competition. Mar '01
magazine design
Double page spread for a men's magazine showing 'signs of the zodiac'
set design
Design layout/look for a school play


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