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thin beeMy second MAG submission ended up tuning into a mini-manga project. Here's basically my first attempt at sequential pages. Instead of submitting a standard pin up page I thought I'd try my hand at illustrating the battle between Kazuya and Akeru, which these character's started back on colony 179, (see the Thin Bee site*) I'm very pleased with the pencils, inks and colours, and it took me around two weeks on and off to finish. I think it looks pretty good just in B/W like a typical manga.

Page 1

Page 2

It's supposed to be a humourous Pokémon p!ss-take and if you're unfamiliar with Rene's characters, here's a little bacground info: Kazuya (the Saiyan, top pannel, first page) is Akeru's (the kid's) rival. Akeru uses a giant mecha called Colossus to fight battles for him. Colossus lives in a "pocket dimention" and Akeru unleashes Colossus when needed! I changed many character elements such as the mecha design and the fact Akeru looks older than he should because I wanted to make it a lot more unique to my own style as well as improve on the existing designs. I hope you enjoy the pages ^_^

Page 1 (Pencils)

Colossus (Pencils)

Page 1 (Inks)

Page 1 (Inks)





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