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Set Design Concept Sketches


set designAs part of my AGNVQ art course at school I was given the task to design a set to be used for a school play. I wanted to be a bit more creative, by going for a more cyber punky feel rather than the traditional 1930s setting I was supposed to do :p I had some great ideas for when we would make it, and I know it would have looked great, but my other class mate's design was chosen instead due to it being more in-keeping with the overall theme.

The set was to be constructed from old pieces of metal, wood and general junk. I thought it'd be great to stick with the murder mystery theme of the play, but make it more futuristic and urban to add another whole new dimention to things.
Constructing the real set was a pain and there wasn't anyone in our group of 4 enthusiastic about the project, so it was difficult and though the school though it was super, I wasn't happy with it at all.. Oh, if only they used my design! *lol*


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