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Drac-in-a-Box Designs


Drac-in-a-boxI was asked to design a poster/advert for Dracinabox.com - a gothic clothing and assessory company. I had a really solid brief for this one and it was good fun to work on, but there were lots of changes I had to make thoughout. I also was asked to create a logo for the their new division of cyberwear clothing "Do Androids Dream?", which involved the use of a 'cyber sheep'!

Original Idea

Final Design

Final Logo Design

It was the first time I had been given a hand drawn diagram to help me, which really helped point me in the right direction. Basically they needed a lil' goth girl holding a 'Drac-in-the-box', which she had pulled out of the chest. The chest also had to contain gothicy clothes, which were also dragged out onto the floor as though she had been rummaging though the chest. Plus the bats and spider :p

After finishing the the Drac Ad, I moved onto the Androids Dream logo. For this they needed a spiky looking cyber sheep with a spikey metal frame boarder incorporating blues and slivers. Several months later, I designed an animated ad banner for DITB (see below)

Drac Pencil Rough

Colours at Stage 1

Sheep Logo Pencil

Frame Design

Animated Banner





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