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Site updates

8 May '04

New orginal art (Heely)


24 April '04
New fanart (Brittany May)

14 March '04
4 sale Is the new project section: Currently listing limited edition items: including signed books and prints

4 March '04
First new bit of artwork I've done for the gallery for ages (JoJo). Been so busy with other projects. Watch this space for more info.

17 October '03
4 new tutorials up in the techniques section (Flatting, Rendering A, Rendering B and Finishing Off)! Also updated content pages to make things run a little smoother

10 October '03
Today is my 21st Birthday! Hoorah! Most of the Tutorials in the Techniques sections have been totally revamped! Two artistical links (Oekaki Central and MF Spirit)

1 October '03
One new anime resource link (Britanime). Update to the Commission me page. Small updates to the Techniques pages (Tutorials 0 and 1), Plus a cool new original artwork + variant (Happy Halloween!)

31 August '03
One new artwork variant version in the gallery (Warrior Maiden by Angelo)

28 July '03
Finally, a new original artwork! (Warrior Maiden) Plus a few new artist links (Jo's Playground & KimLoh.com)

22 June '03
3 new very cool artist links (Kyomo, Poena and Tatoom City)
2 March '04

I've currently just finished another "how to draw manga" book project. The first one came out last year and despite being a little rushed, is selling well. For those interested, It's called "The Art of Drawing Manga". signed editions are available- email if you're interested.

Within the next month I will still be working on book stuff- which probably means no or few site updates, since work must take priority.

Within the next year I haven't planed past April 04! I'd like to get the opportunity to begin developing some 3D skills and I've been wanting to do some realism pieces via PhotoShop and Wacom Tablet for a while now. Also I'm coming up with fresh ideas for Organic Metal in the form or a redesign. Watch this space.





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