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Designs for Capricorn


capricornDuring the end of October I spent a week on a work placement producing graphics for a production company called Capricorn. Although my main role was to be a web designer, I ended up making 2 different video covers for company show reels. One design was for Hoverspeed- hovercraft ferries between UK and France. The other was Laings- a construction company that worked on the building of the Ashford international airport.

Final HoverSpeed Cover Design 1 (includes spine)

Final Laings Cover Design 1 (includes spine)
I originally started by sketching out some thumbnail designs and researching each company. The designs were based on a number of symbolic aspects as well influences from the actual field or work and even their own web site design elements were added to give a little more continuity. Lucky the ideas came to me without too much stress, although my very 1st Hoverspeed design was definitely in need of a redesign, so that's what I did. I had 5 days max to get the designs done, but it only took two days for each (including the 2 other variants for each), which was pretty quick! The two larger design thumbs on the left are the two which I thought looked best out of the 3. Perhaps the client's view will be different, but since I'm not working at Capricorn any longer, I'll never know.

Final HoverSpeed 2

Final HoverSpeed 3

Final Laigns 2

Final Laigns 3





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