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Zodiac Magazine Page Design


ZodiacFor my Art A level mock exam I chose to design title page for a magazine. Specific requirements for the brief included:

* Up-market men's magazine (20 - 30 age range)
* Double page spread
* Incorporate a star sign into the design
* Must include copy:- "Signs of the Zodiac" and the name of the sign used.

Final Design

I was really pleased with this piece. I managed to stick to the brief well and created a very professional looking magazine page layout using PhotoShop 5.5. Including the initial CG ideas, this took around 20 hours, excluding sketchbook preparation time. The only drawing involved in the final piece were the two twins, which I stylized for this specific piece. A lot of time was spent adjusting colours and layouts and in the end I think it all fitted together really well.

Initial Idea 1

Initial Idea 2

Initial Idea 3

Final Rough

Planning 1

Gemini Twin 1


Gemini Twin 2





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