MGS 2002

homepage emailChibi MGS by Funky C

Comments: Drawn with good old fashioned pencil, and a little shading with an equally good old fashioned blue pencil crayon. (Im SO high tech...)
I decided to draw chibi style, because you usually see MGS characters so serious looking, so I thought I'd ligthen the mood a little, heh heh *pinches Snake's cheeks*

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Sons of Liberty by Eri Gaudiamo

Comments: It's from my favorite moment in the MGS2 game

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Baptism by Fire by Sean McWilliams

Comments: Well here it is.... I was going for a very dramatic effect here. I wanted it to seem like the viewer just nuked Solidus and he's pissed cause ya just torched his really fashionably keen cape!! Tried to get a pre-ass whup feel for this piece. Overall I am pleased with it but i think it losed a little something. Hmm Technique... I started with a fairly tiht line drawing done with an H grade lead using my Staedler/Mars. I selected the line art in Photoshop and filled it with black... (ran out of Ink)! Finished everything with a combo of PS and Painter for effects and such. Well thats it hope i wasnt too long winded see ya next month! (Oh! how about some the Ninja Turtles as a suggestion for one month!!)

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability "Solid" by Richard Kwok

Comments: This picture was drawn and inked by me and colored by Agustin Sanchez ( using Adobe Photoshop 6.0. The dope didn't sign the picture himself, unfortunately, but he deserves major credit on a fine coloring job! It's actually a year old picture, but it was only recently colored. I've also waiting for a cool character to do a submission to this site. It started off as just a Meryl picture and I decided that there was room for some more characters to fill the rest. I used the action figures by McFarlane for reference except on Otacon, but I took liberties here and there. I'm particularly proud of the detail on the accessories, like the belts and weapons. Worst bit: Ninja's head is cut off. I worked large on an 11 x 14 piece of bristol, but understimated the size of the characters. Hopefully this picture will see some official ink too in an upcoming magazine I've recently submitted it to :) Thanks, and I'm looking forward to future contests!

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability sid and nancy by Bryne

Comments: if Snake and Meryl are not the most ass-kicking couple, then i don't know who is. sure, she didn't get around to too much of it in the actual game, but she had potential. and then Kojima KILLED HER OFF. theoretically. bastard. (pencil and photoshop 6)

emailhomepage Tribute to Metal Gear Solid 2 by Paul Faris

Comments: I have been I huge fan of the Metal Gear series for sometime now, so I'm glad to see it being featured as at MVGC. I was playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid 2 this summer, trying to get all the dog tags, and I was inspired to do this picture. I penciled it, inked it, then did all the colors in Photoshop. Hope you like it :)

email homepage Regular participant ... and then, the Next Day ... by Allison L

Comments: I knew I wouldn't have time to do a fresh new image for this month, so I went back to one of my older MGS2 pics.. actually, I think this is the first one I did... the day after I finished the game, shockingly enough. :P
This is basically Dave and Hal hanging out the day after MGS2 ends, reading the newspaper and tabloids to find out what "really" happened, heh. It sort of started as a basic Snake doodle... and I'm so glad that his bandana just kind of pulls his hair back - I just don't like the mullet look for him. Hal's amusing to draw, too. I like the kind of relaxed feel, a bit worn, not as flashy and bright as the game itself.. it's a nice feel. Just a pair of friends kicking around and having a good laugh at the world's expense.

email homepage For showing great skill, technical ability Metal Gear Solid: Reprised by Liquidd

Comments: It's just too IRONIC!!This is the 2nd Monthly site I've taken part in.The first site I submitted to featured a water based character to draw,her creator's name is DolphinGirl and the whole water theme just seemed right seeing as my name is Liquidd.And now,here we have MGS.Who is Solid Snake's genetic brother/clone?..Hmmmm...could it be....LIQUID SNAKE?!So,of course,I have to submit something...Well,this pic has been sitting around for awhile,but since this is my first time on MVGC,I felt it would make a great submission.I'm impressed by some of the artwork I've seen here and I shall strive to remain true to the excellence and sense of styles which prevail here.Hope you all enjoy my pic!

--------- Liquidd --------

emailhomepage Return of the Legend... by Myron Love

Comments: Hopefully everyone likes this pic... sorry for the minimalist background, I promise to do better next time...! He is supposed to be sitting on the tanker, overlooking NYC. But I underestimated the time it is taking me. The background is taking FOREVER!!!

emailhomepage Regular participant solid emphazima by Nick Whitman

Comments: Our experience with solid snake has been a worth while gaming effort, with our stealthy protagonist encountering robo ninjas, vampires , BFG wielding shamans and the skeletar of phyciatrists, there comes a time where every special co-vert operative needs a smoke. even solid snake has divulged into cancer sticks, but how does that explain his stealth like moves with his dumpster breath. he would be the last person to mind since we have never seen snake in any intamite realationships (cleaning his gun doesn't count, and meryl was just a thing) drafted in painter classic. check my site for new art every week! <>

emailhomepage Regular participant There can only be one BigBoss by alvin levi

Comments: okay comment time, i totally left this pic to the last minute and had to resort to finishing it at university, when i should have bin doing work....i'm so dead! But after finding out that it was a MGS free fall, i couldn't resist and had to do my favourite MGS villain mr solidus snake (it was well worth the risk and sacrifice). Okay well it took me about less than 2 hours to draw it, and i was very happy with the results. Pressed for time i dedicated over 3 hours of university time colouring it, which isn't too bad seeing as how i got away with it. i used photoshop 7 and really enjoyed the colouring style and medium i implemented, and used my handy dandy pacer (mechanical pencil) to do it up in. (never underestimate the power of blue pencil lead) well i suppose it's a pretty good enough pic to send, seeing as how i don't it's finished. but i'm just picky and would've wanted extra time....oh well, take care all and see you next month.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability MGS2 by Akira Naori

Comments: ...

emailhomepage Regular participant Tango by Jesterspawn

Comments: Once again, I've managed to forget about the MVGC until the night before the deadline. I whipped up this sketch in probably a couple hours and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I *really* wanted to submit the picture in color, but unfortunately I just had too much homework tonight and I had to give my grades higher priority than coloring... So please accept my apology for turning in the sketch instead, and ignore the fact that neither Snake nor Meryl has pupils in their eyes. (I usually add that in the coloring stage, 'cause I'm just weird like that.) I've titled the picture "Tango," because I originally wanted the picture to be a light- hearted humorous picture of them dancing. In fact, when I began sketching out the poses, I actually had a long-stemmed rose in Snake's mouth for added effect. As I progressed, I ditched the rose and went for a more serious, seductive tone to the picture and this is how it turned out.

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Fortune by clarion

Comments: I really meant to do a full CG this time, but school had other plans and didn't ever get around to it, so I'm submitting another oekaki this month.

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content One Unlucky Guard by Will Watkins

Comments: I did this in just pen & ink. Some minor, MINOR retouch in p'shop. My computer is down so I couldnt give it the justice it deserved. Knowing this, I wnt for a design that I thought could stand on it's own in B&W...... .... ......... not sure how successful it is. I USED to be good at this... ... u_u'

emailhomepage Regular participant Olga by Radha Mora

Comments: I found Olga pretty interesting in MGS2:SoL so i did what any artistic fan would do. Make a fanart.

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability For showing great skill, technical ability Tactical Dating Action! Metal Gear Memorial!! by Force Vector

Comments: While sitting comfortably in the Loo (if you're British, or the John if your American) I pondered upon what I could come up with for the MGS Free For All... just then I recalled that Konami was also responsible for Tokimeki Memorial and I thought - what if I combine the two? After all, there should be enough girls in the MGS universe now that MGS 2 is out. With that in mind, I set about making Metal Gear Memorial! That moment of "eureka" happened a week after seeing what was for September, but alas, a Real Life(TM) project prevented me from working on the image until the very last possible moment.

The image was drawn in two separated sections - the guys were inked with a .5 tech pen and the gals were done with a .3 tech pen (not that you'd notice the difference). In both cases I just used a good ol' plain pencil and any scratch paper that happened to be lying around. It took me two days to finish the artwork (slipping it inbetween my Real Life project). With the deadline looming, I was able to finish the Real Life project in time, but it left me with hardly any time to finish the MVGC submission. Working like a madman it took me a day to scan, minor re-touch, and block color both images, plus do final colors of the guys. Final coloring of the gals and goofing around with a background took another day. Because of the time constraint, I couldn't re-touch the images to my satisfaction... hopefully you'll recognize who's who.

emailhomepage Regular participant Snake in the vents by Krafty

Comments: I like the Japanese SD/Chibi style but didn't want to copy an existing artist's technique so I played around with the proportions/expressions of this character till I found a combination I thought looked good. My aim was to create a different type of pose that's not normally seen in game/promo artwork so I came up with this one highlighing Snake's trial of crawling through the vents in the first MGS game. Perhaps he's spying on Meryl again!
It's just a fun picture that I enjoyed creating.


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