September 2002

MGSDue to populr demand, this month's characters are the entire cast of THE game series Metal Gear Solid. This includes all character from MGS1 and 2, male or female, goodies or baddies! Your task is to draw at least one of these characters!!

MGS Snake Blurb: Solid Snake:Veteran ex-Fox Hound member with an I.Q. of 180. His smarts and nomadic past experiences made hi perfect for the job. He can enter any enemy facility and do the job right. He was recruited for the Outer Heaven missons in the late 90's and proved that he could do the job exceptionally well, disposing of eneimies and stealth were his very good qualities, and they were also in high demand at the time. He retired very soon after the Outer Heaven mission.

He was soon contacted by the CIA and was recruited as a deep cover agent. His intentions were not what the CIA's were and they never got along, and so Snake cut all ties with the CIA alltogether. He bacame known in underworld as a leading mercenary for the highest bidders. After a few years as a Mercenary he became rich enough to retire. He also needed the retirment for the assasinations of more than one high-ranked leader.

Snake retreated into the Canadian-Arctic and stayed there for rehabilitation. His commander, Roy Campbell, was the only person to know of his where abouts and contacted him when a mission codenamed Uprising of Zanzibar was brought out. The mission: to destroy the leader, Big Boss.

Big Boss was apparently dead and so Snake retreated back to his solitary home in the Arctic, this time to an area in Alaska caled Twin Lakes. he survived off of wild berries and the local wildlife. He continued not to think of the past destruction he had seen in his missions and blocked those thoughts from his mind. Even though he blocked these memories he developed a certain disorder named Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These are essentially flash backs that haunt the victim throughout their life. Snake attempted to rid this from his mind by participateing in sled-dog racing, he even signed up for the 1,100 mile long Iditarod Sleigh race. He was about to go on the Iditarod again whne he was interrupted at the last minute by Roy Campbell, he was going back for one last mission.

Great show of entries this month, as expected! Excellent to see such a diverse line up as far as styles are concerned ^_^

Artist of the month: Will Watkins! For illustrating what MGS is all about!


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