Metal Gear Solid: Reprised

Comments: It's just too IRONIC!!This is the 2nd Monthly site I've taken part in.The first site I submitted to featured a water based character to draw,her creator's name is DolphinGirl and the whole water theme just seemed right seeing as my name is Liquidd.And now,here we have MGS.Who is Solid Snake's genetic brother/clone?..Hmmmm...could it be....LIQUID SNAKE?!So,of course,I have to submit something...Well,this pic has been sitting around for awhile,but since this is my first time on MVGC,I felt it would make a great submission.I'm impressed by some of the artwork I've seen here and I shall strive to remain true to the excellence and sense of styles which prevail here.Hope you all enjoy my pic!

--------- Liquidd --------

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