... and then, the Next Day ...

Comments: I knew I wouldn't have time to do a fresh new image for this month, so I went back to one of my older MGS2 pics.. actually, I think this is the first one I did... the day after I finished the game, shockingly enough. :P
This is basically Dave and Hal hanging out the day after MGS2 ends, reading the newspaper and tabloids to find out what "really" happened, heh. It sort of started as a basic Snake doodle... and I'm so glad that his bandana just kind of pulls his hair back - I just don't like the mullet look for him. Hal's amusing to draw, too. I like the kind of relaxed feel, a bit worn, not as flashy and bright as the game itself.. it's a nice feel. Just a pair of friends kicking around and having a good laugh at the world's expense.

- Allison

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