Comments: Once again, I've managed to forget about the MVGC until the night before the deadline. I whipped up this sketch in probably a couple hours and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I *really* wanted to submit the picture in color, but unfortunately I just had too much homework tonight and I had to give my grades higher priority than coloring... So please accept my apology for turning in the sketch instead, and ignore the fact that neither Snake nor Meryl has pupils in their eyes. (I usually add that in the coloring stage, 'cause I'm just weird like that.) I've titled the picture "Tango," because I originally wanted the picture to be a light- hearted humorous picture of them dancing. In fact, when I began sketching out the poses, I actually had a long-stemmed rose in Snake's mouth for added effect. As I progressed, I ditched the rose and went for a more serious, seductive tone to the picture and this is how it turned out.

- jesterspawn

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