Baptism by Fire

Comments: Well here it is.... I was going for a very dramatic effect here. I wanted it to seem like the viewer just nuked Solidus and he's pissed cause ya just torched his really fashionably keen cape!! Tried to get a pre-ass whup feel for this piece. Overall I am pleased with it but i think it losed a little something. Hmm Technique... I started with a fairly tiht line drawing done with an H grade lead using my Staedler/Mars. I selected the line art in Photoshop and filled it with black... (ran out of Ink)! Finished everything with a combo of PS and Painter for effects and such. Well thats it hope i wasnt too long winded see ya next month! (Oh! how about some the Ninja Turtles as a suggestion for one month!!)

- Sean

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