Comments: This picture was drawn and inked by me and colored by Agustin Sanchez ( using Adobe Photoshop 6.0. The dope didn't sign the picture himself, unfortunately, but he deserves major credit on a fine coloring job! It's actually a year old picture, but it was only recently colored. I've also waiting for a cool character to do a submission to this site. It started off as just a Meryl picture and I decided that there was room for some more characters to fill the rest. I used the action figures by McFarlane for reference except on Otacon, but I took liberties here and there. I'm particularly proud of the detail on the accessories, like the belts and weapons. Worst bit: Ninja's head is cut off. I worked large on an 11 x 14 piece of bristol, but understimated the size of the characters. Hopefully this picture will see some official ink too in an upcoming magazine I've recently submitted it to :) Thanks, and I'm looking forward to future contests!

- Richard

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