Tactical Dating Action! Metal Gear Memorial!!

Comments: While sitting comfortably in the Loo (if you're British, or the John if your American) I pondered upon what I could come up with for the MGS Free For All... just then I recalled that Konami was also responsible for Tokimeki Memorial and I thought - what if I combine the two? After all, there should be enough girls in the MGS universe now that MGS 2 is out. With that in mind, I set about making Metal Gear Memorial! That moment of "eureka" happened a week after seeing what was for September, but alas, a Real Life(TM) project prevented me from working on the image until the very last possible moment.

The image was drawn in two separated sections - the guys were inked with a .5 tech pen and the gals were done with a .3 tech pen (not that you'd notice the difference). In both cases I just used a good ol' plain pencil and any scratch paper that happened to be lying around. It took me two days to finish the artwork (slipping it inbetween my Real Life project). With the deadline looming, I was able to finish the Real Life project in time, but it left me with hardly any time to finish the MVGC submission. Working like a madman it took me a day to scan, minor re-touch, and block color both images, plus do final colors of the guys. Final coloring of the gals and goofing around with a background took another day. Because of the time constraint, I couldn't re-touch the images to my satisfaction... hopefully you'll recognize who's who.

- Force Vector


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