There can only be one BigBoss

Comments: okay comment time, i totally left this pic to the last minute and had to resort to finishing it at university, when i should have bin doing work....i'm so dead! But after finding out that it was a MGS free fall, i couldn't resist and had to do my favourite MGS villain mr solidus snake (it was well worth the risk and sacrifice). Okay well it took me about less than 2 hours to draw it, and i was very happy with the results. Pressed for time i dedicated over 3 hours of university time colouring it, which isn't too bad seeing as how i got away with it. i used photoshop 7 and really enjoyed the colouring style and medium i implemented, and used my handy dandy pacer (mechanical pencil) to do it up in. (never underestimate the power of blue pencil lead) well i suppose it's a pretty good enough pic to send, seeing as how i don't it's finished. but i'm just picky and would've wanted extra time....oh well, take care all and see you next month.

- alvin

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