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drac banner banner

DITB needed an advertisement banner illustrating the girl on the left and a drac-in-a-box on the right. It's a fairly simplistic animation, but it's eye catching- and that's what matters most. The original image size was 4MB, but managed to get it down to 67KB for web use, hence the low 30 colour quality.
-Date completed: Mar 16th '02 Materials used:
Drawn with 2H pencil, inked, colour with PhotoShop and animated solely with Image Ready

drac girl banner girl (inked)

The original character drawing of the girl was a lot bigger, but was kept simple and I allowed for cropping of the top and bottom parts of the image. She's evolved since my first interpretation, but in a good way. I think she's prettier, but as far as some Goths are concerned, I dunno if that's a good thing or bad!
-Date completed: Mar 14th '02 Materials used:
Drawn with 2H pencil, inked with 01 edding 1800 profipen

drac props banner colour props

All the props for the banner were made separately and animated in Adobe Image Ready. The box was constructed purely in PhotoShop and I'm glad I didn't keep it freehand! I chose to go for an anime cel style colour job since it shows up better on banners and allows for more colour gif compression.
-Date completed: Mar 15th '02 Materials used:
Drawn with 2H pencil, inked, colour with PhotoShop


drac initial banner (pencil concept)

Well this is how is started. The main change from this original was the font- this concept was designed for a different set of dimensions and after then being instructed to then add the words "Gothic Clothing" underneath, it had to change to a pre-made font. It's probably better off that way. I just realised I missed out the girl's right hand thumb! Let's hope no-one notices ^_~
-Date completed: Mar 12th '02 Materials used:
Drawn with 2H pencil


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