Raziel 2002

homepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability emailRaziel by Tony Wood

Comments: I did this in photoshop 6...i was going to go for a dynamic pose but erm, that didn't happen :S i'm pretty happy with it overall and the cutting isn't too bad either ^_^

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Soulmate by KenshiChan

Comments: Boom baby. This is actually a rather (?) old pic of mine done simply out of love for Raziel, but now I might as well "take it into use", so to speak. :P Since it was a little old, I tweaked it a little here and there and everywhere, (mainly goofed around with brightness, contrast and color balance).
...Yeah. Enjoy!
Raziel rules. Uh-huh. Yes he does. :D

emailhomepage Regular participant Raziel by Eri Gaudiamo

Comments: I was so amazed by the ads of Soul Reaver (Raziel is sooo cool) and I made this pic even I haven't played the game at that time , so there are some minor diferences including Raziel's color. But I think he looks better in green

emailhomepage Pre-abyss Raziel by Astrid Castle (Asti)

Comments: One of my many images of Raziel. ;) I'm a big fan of drawing Raziel in his pre-abyss form, so here he is in one of his more, um, 'thoughtful' moods. (it was just an excuse to draw a great character; I don't need any hidden messages! ;D) I coloured him using brown inks, which are great fun to use, and it also kind of makes the picture seem older; back to the time when Raziel was a vampire, and didn't have his stomach and jaw missing. ;)

emailhomepage Raziel by Jeni Pitcock

Comments: Ever since I got the Sega Dreamcast version of "Soul Reaver," I've had a HUGE crush on Raziel:-). I finally decided to do a portrait in homage to his beautiful yet scarred face. I did this entirely in Painter Classic, which is a first for me since I'd only dabbled casually with Painter before. Hopefully Raziel would approve. :-)

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content For showing great skill, technical abilityRaziel by Digital Ninja

Comments: Wow, that is totally wierd. I just happened by this site by chance and I had finished up this Soul Reaver pic not only a couple of days ago. Weird.

email homepage Raziel by mike

Comments: I took some freedom with the colors, I hope noone minds ^_^

email homepage Raziel Portrait by Christy Schott

Comments: (This is my first submission to this group, so bear with me. ^_^)
The poor, disfigured Raziel from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I wanted to try my hand at creating a pic entirely on the computer again, so...here it is, done in about an hour and a half with a crappy mouse and Photoshop LE 4.0.
This was done sometime in August of last year before I discovered the wonderful world of tablets and Photoshop 6. ^_- I promise something better next month!

emailhomepage Regular participant The Soul Reavers by alvin levi

Comments: Thankyou for giving me this oppurtunity, although in my last submission i did promise (did i really?) i would be a regular contributor to this fantastic site. But the strands of fate had other plans and left me empty of ideas, as well as alone to fend off the hordes and hordes of busy'ness (dat isn't a word isn't it? i could've sworn it was), both work and play related. I started work on my Raziel pic a couple of days after it was announced and i went through a couple of 1/2 ideas before i made my final
decision. Then I left it to breath in its own filtiness, before i tackled the difficult job of CG'ing it in Photoshop 6. It took around 2 weeks to colour, doing a little every second night on top of my other concerns. The biggest drawback in my final submission's slow production, was the stubbornness and senile like behaviour of my computer. Which for some reason slows down so much dat i literally have to paint and touch up, in regular intervals between the moments my comp 'freezes' for about 2 1/2 seconds and sometimes even longer. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! IT HURTED SO MUCH! I WAS READY TO GIVE UP! :( but of course every now and then it gave me some slack and behaved...

my initial drawing of raziel was done on A4 with a 0.5 mechanical pencil (pacer) using 2H leads, then going over most of the lines in HB. It took around 2 days to draw, but in the end the final product turned out better than i'd hoped it would. I was really unsure how the whole CG art would stand out with too dark shadows, cos i wanted to make my pic very gothic and almost surreal atmosphere to it. i then decided to keep the pic 'illuminated' to the point that the character and composition would be visible yet not taking out the 'dark gothic' feel i wanted in it. Also i should really invest some money towards a wacom tablet cos on top of my computer slowing up, i coloured the pic using a mouse. Which really strained my hand at times as well as my sanity, but i'm happy dat it's over and more importantly i'm happy dat i liked the results.

well i'm going on too much, i'm thinking my comment's gonna be the biggest comment in this months submission. everyone's gonna think i'm some big air bag, all proud and puff. but i'm not! i promise you dat! really! well again thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to display my work, and yes i've said it before and i'll say it once again...i'll see you in a month.

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Raziel with Light Reaver by clarion

Comments: I didn't have time for a full CG, so I did this on the PaintBBS at oekakicentral.com. I was pretty surprised it came along as quickly as it did; I only spent about 4 hours on it.

emailhomepage Regular participant Second Soul by Hellangel

Comments: Dammmit dammit dammit!!!!!! I nearly finsihed the CG but being ill for a week stopped me and I fell behind so here he is and he doesn\'t look very good cos its just a sketch!!!! I was happy with the CG too!!!! DAMN!
and the title cos its past Raziel and present Raziel.

emailhomepage Regular participant Mini-Raziel by Glarryg

Comments: I chose the "chibi" style for this because I thought it would be a nice change of pace, especially for such a serious character as this. The lighting effects are some simple Photoshop stuff, but it took a while to find the combination I liked the most. In the end, this probably took me a good five hours to do, mostly because of the coloring and all the experimentation with filters.

emailhomepage Fallen Razeil by El P.I.G.

Comments: I've been a longtime fan of the M.V.G.C. and finally submitted something! I was going to do colors on this but time constraints said otherwise... so no Soul Reaver will be showing up.

Pen and Ink on white paper. Web address promo done in photoshop.

emailhomepage Colaboration by Rude and Ruben

Comments: My friend Ruben drew this pick. He asked me to paint it. I was unable to finish it, but here it is.The first colaboration between us. Rodolfo Diaz

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Raziel by Nick Whitman

Comments: This is my second submission, the style has been refined since the last time. An anime approach had been applied, note the profile of the eyes and the silouete chartacter in the background. I keep trying to find a new photographic effect like smoke or motion and apply so each time theres something new. This was created on corel painter classic with a wacom graphire2 4x5, completed in one six hour sitting, maybe i was just blowing some steam. ENJOY! Keep up the good site bomu!

emailhomepage Regular participant "Growing pains" by Jim Tregler

Comments: I drew this sketch the day the contest for Raziel started... i've never played the games before, but i always like Raziel's character design. I also kinda forgot about the deadline till today, (i inked and colored it this morning) @_@.. but, im happy enough with how it turned out. I tried inking the outlines, but using pencil scratches for muscle texture, then threw a coat of digital paint over it in photoshop. The end result i was going for turned out alright. Anyhoot, i just had to submit before the day ended. So, im outie. ~PE@CE~

emailhomepage Regular participant Raziel by Dustin Snider

Comments: It's been a long time since I've done a full CG. I've doodled every now and then, but when I saw Raziel, I figured I'd give it a shot. I drew a basic idea of how he'll be, then penciled it, then skipped pen and went straight to the computer. I used my old Photoshop 5.0 and I think I made the file too big, because when I tried to radial blur the wings, I didn't have enough RAM. That's what I get when I scan in at 1200 dpi.

emailhomepage Regular participant Raziel by Karen Luk

Comments: I did this illo with color pencil and watercolor. Next time, I'll try a looser background. I was thinking the angel statuary one finds in a graveyard and the contrast it might give to the character Raziel


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