Alice June 2003

homepage emailAlice by HJW

Comments: Having read a bit of background on the game, it seems poor old Alice has had a hard time, what with the mental institution, the losing of her family, not to mention the situation she faces in Wonderland. Hoped to capture a bit of a haunting quality.The picture is drawn completely in PhotoShop.
Many thanks!!

emailhomepage Regular participant mirror mirror on the wall by Zack Kotzer *zee kay*

Comments: probably the best sulution for my hardest problem, i can only send in one pic and i recently discovered some of my scanners options so i had to choose. black or! And thus i have this pic full of crazy-fun-angst

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Sister Alice by Andréas

Comments: "Syster Alice i underlandet" is Swedish and simply means "Sister (as in nurse) Alice in Wonderland" I decided to don her up in a Swedish style nurses uniform of the 1940s in favor of the maid dress of the original. Made in A4 linework inked with 03marker and brush then colored in PSP7. The coloring alone took me like a workday, si I decided on (a long overdue) memory upgrade. *wahooo!!!* ^O^y I tried to use sharp angular shadings alone on Alice, and softer ones on the Rabbit to show of the fierce and hard sides in Alice better.

Some alterations you just have to imagine could be alternate title: "Let's kill the clockwabbit" (a great tune by Melody Club (check them out if you like electronica!:) There could be funny oneliners in wordboubbles.. Alice: 1 -This will take your mind of that ****** watch!!! 2 -What are little pink rabbits made of? The cardknight: -Hey, what are you doing Alice?!! Its just a kid actor in a suit!

I like to point out that I have not played the game (it on PC damn it!;) I have not read the book either. And finally, the Disney version made me feel so sick (in mind body and soul.. don't know why really, probably the sick colors:) I never managed to see it from start to finish. So here is my version more than anything, hope you like it anyways. ^_^``)

P.S. The cool font is called "Old-English" if you wanna find it b.t.w.

emailhomepage Regular participant "the darker side of little me..." by Jobe

Comments: Firstly, I'm pretty pleased with this picture. Although not the background.. :p never mind. I'm afraid I can't take credit for the poem, that was in part from 'the Tangle Box' by Ken Wong. Drawn in pencil and then coloured up in photoshop as usual. Hope everyone who entered this month had fun - I know I did, it sure beat revising for my A levels! ;)

emailhomepage Alice by Shadow

Comments: "Mommy can I go and Play now?"

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Buvez-moi, mangez-moi... by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: I've never actually played the game, although I wanted to...unfortunately, my computer probably couldn't handle it (the cranky ol fart...) But I couldn't pass on the opportunity to redo a classic character of important literature...actually, wouldn't it be a re-do of a re-do...? Anyway, I think this one has been my best to date and I'm actually happy with how it came out (for once). This is only the fourth pic I've done using a computer and PS7 for the majority of the process. the rough sketch took me about a half hour, and the coloring part took me about 2 hours total. i was going to use a more washed out look and keep the sketch lines, but of course I changed my mind halfway through. I also think it's ironic but nifty that even though I'm using an expensive piece of hardware, the pic still seems organic. is it me or does Alice look like a deranged goth-maid? Hmmm......comments are welcome and a special thanks goes to my bf, for letting me use his new laptop and for his creative input :)

emailhomepage Regular participant Follow the white rabbit by Erock

Comments: I stumbled upon this site when I was looking up Pacman’s history and I realized that this site is pretty damn cool. Videogame characters are cool plus drawing is cool so… that equals ultra super cool. I always drew when I was a kid but it was only cartoon drawings and I never could draw people. This past year or so I have been focusing just on drawing people. At first they looked horrible; arms had three joints, thumbs were on the wrong side, and nothing matched up. Now I can finally draw people that kind of look like actual people. I am a huge fan of character designs and being original means everything. There is always room for improvement in drawing and I really like the idea of MVGC, so I’ll be a regular here. Testing your abilities and drawing something new, MVGC has it all.

The picture:

I had a sketch on paper and I was going to try and use it but I ended up just drawing it straight on the computer, CG I like to call it, (just joking) I used the smallest size pencil painter had to offer, 1.0, and changed the opacity to 100%. In the end I had to draw a bigger line over the entire picture because the 1.0 was too small. I colored it in Photoshop with the air brush, this was the first picture I’ve colored on the computer and used shading. I really wanted to go with the traditional Alice look because I’ve never even heard of American Mcgee’s Alice, My friend said it was a crazy PC game. I really can’t draw sexy eyes on a chick and make it look good so she just has those a nime eyebrow things. Skin color was really hard and she looks orange but I’m pretty happy because my girl drawings usually look manly. This will be my second MVGC drawing.

emailhomepage Regular participant Hottie Alice by FrooZeen

Comments: Does she look like her ??

emailhomepage VERY regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Alice by Jesterspawn

Comments: I actually drew this picture towards the end of last year. I really wanted to draw a new picture of Alice for this month's submissions, but I just didn't have the time. Anyway, to explain this picture... When I sat down to draw a picture based on the dark and disturbed version of Alice from the game, I knew I couldn't just do a typical boring pose. I wanted to capture the fact that she really doesn't care about anything anymore. I wanted to do a picture that would preserve some aspect of the innocence that Alice has always had, but at the same time I wanted the viewer to feel uncomfortable with what she has become. I want the viewer to immediately disapprove of the brazen way she is revealing herself, but then perhaps feel pity as they see the sadness in her eyes. It's like... Alice isn't trying to be sexual in this picture, she's just trying to evoke some sort of reaction out of you to compensate for the emotions she has lost. Oh, and if you happen to like this picture or just want to see it at a larger size, you can find wallpapers (up to 1600x1200) on my site.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Alice by Anna Z

Comments: A cutesy kind of picture of alice. But a twisted cuteness is always best.

emailhomepage Care for some cake? by Jenni Suominen

Comments: Now mom's little helper is gonna tell us how to bake a Sweet Bunnycake for Valentinesday. This isn't very good 'cause I didn't have time to finish it with Photoshop and I had to use coloured pencils. I'll upload the better version on my gallery in Elfwood someday. Anyways, here it is.


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