Follow the white rabbit

Comments: I stumbled upon this site when I was looking up Pacman’s history and I realized that this site is pretty damn cool. Videogame characters are cool plus drawing is cool so… that equals ultra super cool. I always drew when I was a kid but it was only cartoon drawings and I never could draw people. This past year or so I have been focusing just on drawing people. At first they looked horrible; arms had three joints, thumbs were on the wrong side, and nothing matched up. Now I can finally draw people that kind of look like actual people. I am a huge fan of character designs and being original means everything. There is always room for improvement in drawing and I really like the idea of MVGC, so I’ll be a regular here. Testing your abilities and drawing something new, MVGC has it all.

The picture:

I had a sketch on paper and I was going to try and use it but I ended up just drawing it straight on the computer, CG I like to call it, (just joking) I used the smallest size pencil painter had to offer, 1.0, and changed the opacity to 100%. In the end I had to draw a bigger line over the entire picture because the 1.0 was too small. I colored it in Photoshop with the air brush, this was the first picture I’ve colored on the computer and used shading. I really wanted to go with the traditional Alice look because I’ve never even heard of American Mcgee’s Alice, My friend said it was a crazy PC game. I really can’t draw sexy eyes on a chick and make it look good so she just has those a nime eyebrow things. Skin color was really hard and she looks orange but I’m pretty happy because my girl drawings usually look manly. This will be my second MVGC drawing.

- Erock


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