Sister Alice

Comments: "Syster Alice i underlandet" is Swedish and simply means "Sister (as in nurse) Alice in Wonderland" I decided to don her up in a Swedish style nurses uniform of the 1940s in favor of the maid dress of the original. Made in A4 linework inked with 03marker and brush then colored in PSP7. The coloring alone took me like a workday, si I decided on (a long overdue) memory upgrade. *wahooo!!!* ^O^y I tried to use sharp angular shadings alone on Alice, and softer ones on the Rabbit to show of the fierce and hard sides in Alice better.

Some alterations you just have to imagine could be alternate title: "Let's kill the clockwabbit" (a great tune by Melody Club (check them out if you like electronica!:) There could be funny oneliners in wordboubbles.. Alice: 1 -This will take your mind of that ****** watch!!! 2 -What are little pink rabbits made of? The cardknight: -Hey, what are you doing Alice?!! Its just a kid actor in a suit!

I like to point out that I have not played the game (it on PC damn it!;) I have not read the book either. And finally, the Disney version made me feel so sick (in mind body and soul.. don't know why really, probably the sick colors:) I never managed to see it from start to finish. So here is my version more than anything, hope you like it anyways. ^_^``)

P.S. The cool font is called "Old-English" if you wanna find it b.t.w.

- Andréas


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