Comments: I actually drew this picture towards the end of last year. I really wanted to draw a new picture of Alice for this month's submissions, but I just didn't have the time. Anyway, to explain this picture... When I sat down to draw a picture based on the dark and disturbed version of Alice from the game, I knew I couldn't just do a typical boring pose. I wanted to capture the fact that she really doesn't care about anything anymore. I wanted to do a picture that would preserve some aspect of the innocence that Alice has always had, but at the same time I wanted the viewer to feel uncomfortable with what she has become. I want the viewer to immediately disapprove of the brazen way she is revealing herself, but then perhaps feel pity as they see the sadness in her eyes. It's like... Alice isn't trying to be sexual in this picture, she's just trying to evoke some sort of reaction out of you to compensate for the emotions she has lost. Oh, and if you happen to like this picture or just want to see it at a larger size, you can find wallpapers (up to 1600x1200) on my site.

- Jesterspawn


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