Buvez-moi, mangez-moi...

Comments: I've never actually played the game, although I wanted to...unfortunately, my computer probably couldn't handle it (the cranky ol fart...) But I couldn't pass on the opportunity to redo a classic character of important literature...actually, wouldn't it be a re-do of a re-do...? Anyway, I think this one has been my best to date and I'm actually happy with how it came out (for once). This is only the fourth pic I've done using a computer and PS7 for the majority of the process. the rough sketch took me about a half hour, and the coloring part took me about 2 hours total. i was going to use a more washed out look and keep the sketch lines, but of course I changed my mind halfway through. I also think it's ironic but nifty that even though I'm using an expensive piece of hardware, the pic still seems organic. is it me or does Alice look like a deranged goth-maid? Hmmm......comments are welcome and a special thanks goes to my bf, for letting me use his new laptop and for his creative input :)

- Y.M.Esposito


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