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I enjoy graphic design as much as drawing, and have worked on a variety of briefs over the years which have allowed me to contribute towards or create corporate identities from the ground up. I've created logos, graphics and themed concepts for several industries such as Fitness, Childcare, Hospitality, Music and Video games and would like to expand to other sectors. Branding can come in a variety of forms from a basic 1 or 2 colour textual logo or a more detailed character mascot illustration with accompanying themed literature, advertising material, stationary, web site and more.


Branding and Rebranding...

It's about creating an identity which best represents the company or organization and communicates in several subtle ways. If I were asked, for example, to "design a record label brand" I'd need to know things like; what type of music they do? What kind of demographic they're trying to appeal to? What's their style- fun, classy, serious? What do competitor's logos look like? From there I can:
  1. Create the company name and possible slogan
  2. Design the logo using text and/or icons
  3. Develop a theme or style set and company colour and graphics scheme
  4. Create illustrations or source relevant stock images
  5. Apply theme to stationary and/or advertising material using the above such as business cards, letter heads, forms, flyers, posters, magazine ads, clothing, banners
  6. Design web site and other web based graphics and pages
  7. Design packaging, displays, tickets, novelty promo items, signage


What tools do you use?..

Mainly Abobe Illustrator for logos- This allows the created vector file to be printed at any size with 0% quality loss. Photoshop for detailed graphics, illustration and photo editing- I try to work in as high a resolution as possible to minimize any potential quality loss if files go to large scale print. InDesign for book layouts- Most printers can work with the files generated using this software. Dreamweaver and hand coding for websites. Flash if any animation is required.


Lets see some designs...

Here's a selection briefs I've completed displaying varied layouts and techniques. More branding examples available on request.

anime city artwork

Eternal Descent

Artwork creation, CD packaging and web design for UK heavy metal band.

infinity branding artwork


Identity creation, artwork and packaging designs for Jewellery brand.

think logo text


Identity creation, logo and conceptual brochure design for a design agency.

anime girl flyer

Smile Student Bank

Logo, artwork and brochure creation for student bank account.

lipstick conmetics flyer

London Cosmetics

Series of adverts, stationary and ticket design for cosmetics convention.

anime octopus flyer

Koko Nightclub

Nightclub rebranding of logo, website, tickets, signage and uniform.

Other design plans...

I hope to have the opportunity to design for more brands in the future as I have so many ideas without getting the opportunities to realize them. I'm keen to try both complex, visually stimulating design plus simple, modernistic ,classy design in an attempt to fully maximize my repertoire of techniques and industry types. If you'd like me to work on your brand designs, by all means e-mail me.