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koko rebranding octopus artwork

Koko Nightclub


A series of materials were produced to promote the rebrand of the nightclub Koko:

  • The Flyer: Simple and to the point. The top of the flyer would be cut out in a circular shape where the Octopus head is.
  • The Signage: illustrates the Koko venue front exterior wall housing the giant name and octopus. It would be difficult to walk by without noticing it!
  • The Ticket/Coupon: The be used as a VIP pass and coupon allowing discounted drinks. I wanted to keep this very similar to the flyer to tie in with the branding, but also to help show both items represent the same 'grand re-opening event'
  • Web Design: It would be great to see this on the web with animated graphics and sound.  Tried to keep it simple and clean without too much fuss, while making it look lively and colourful.
  • Uniform: I thought it would be a fun idea to have the waitresses dressed in a funky, sexy outfit for certain events. The male waiter’s outfits would of course look slightly different to this!

It's becoming a manga fan's duty is to design their own Japanese cartoon style octopus at some point. I implimented my own take on it for this project just because it looks funky and fun!