title - work and professional: projects

Selection of completed briefs...

I've completed a number of professional projects and commissions for various clients and I've listed a few of these below. They include: Tennis Stars- character designs and artwork, The Art of Drawing Manga- general manga style tutorial book, Step by Step Manga- character based manga art tutorial book, and web sites- some of the designs I've completed for different industries.

Branding Octopus
Drawing Manga Girl
Drawing Manga Characters
Video Game Character
Manga Art Websites
Tennis Starts Artwork
Art of Drawing Manga
Step by Step Manga
Web Sites
Tennis Stars



There's more?..

title - commission
Do you need an illustrator or character artist? A professional looking, easy to use web site? Would you like to commission me to create a one-of-a-kind full colour artwork for private or commercial use? If so- hire me to work on your project!

Buy signed copies of my books, or limited edition artwork.