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I enjoy graphic design as much as illustrating, particularly web site design. Coming from a very visual background allows me to fully consider aesthetics such as theme, graphics and layout. Couple this with my instinctual analytic though process and designing a usable appealing site comes naturally. Having worked on dozens of web projects over the years has allowed me to hone my technical skills plus given me a solid understanding of how to create unique, effective site design amongst a business’ competitors.

Perhaps the most challenging part of web design is to get the right balance between making things look great while being easy and intuitive to use. I believe every site requires a different approach to achieve an optimal balance and to make a site unique I’ll insist on bespoke design rather than pre-formatted templates.

This page will talk how I go about designing sites and show some of the designs I've completed over the years.


How do you start a web site?..

Once I have received the relevant information and specifications from the client, I'll usually brainstorm ideas on paper or look at graphics on the web for inspiration. I consider the services being offered and target market then tailor a design around this considering a custom navigation as the key element to a page’s design.

I'll then create a rough digital image of the site with Photoshop this closely resembles what the site will look like in an internet browser. After the design as been approved, it can be made ‘web worthy’. This is a process of planting the design and layout into a html page. A Web-worthy page or site will look like the static visual, but allow a user to interact with the site by being able to click navigational items and links or select page text within a web browser.


What tools do you use?..

Mainly Photoshop for graphics and Dreamweaver for the layout. Sometimes Illustrator, movie or sound software might be used and Flash if any animation is required. I'm very familiar with HTML and CSS coding and able to implement any pre-written code for effects and back-end functionality such as contact forms.

If needed, I'd work alongside a web developer or other specialists if certain functionality is required.


Lets see some designs...

Here's a selection sites I've completed displaying varried layouts and techniques. More examples of working sites available on request.

oni anime site

Oni Art Contest

I designed and hosted the Oni Playstation & PC game art contest on behalf of London Communication Agency 'Bastion'.

anime driving school site

Female Driving Instructors

Online driving instructor directory for the UK. It included custom illustration & branding with approx 20 unique html & css pages plus an interactive game.

blue it site

Your Formula

One of several sites I worked on in-house for 'Your Formula'- an IT solutions company. It included an intelligent navigation system with slide-out menu.

fit biz honeycomb site

Fit Biz In A Box

One of the WordPress style templates created for client 'OFS'. I've worked with them as a graphic & web designer on many occassions helping to brand their fitness sites and software.

orange fitness site

AI Fitness

A typical front end design task to create a homepage visual and a few example content pages for their brochure style site. This was one of two sample visuals submitted.

bed and breakfast site

Little Garth B&B

6-8 page site for a Bed & Breakfast in East Sussex. The client wanted a neat, little brochure type site and asked I take care of their domain registration and web hosting.

Other web plans...

I hope to have the opportunity to design more sites in the future as I have so many ideas without getting the opportunities to realize them. I'm keen to try more visually stimulating web sites allowing me freedom to be really creative in an effort to make a big, lasting impact on the visitor. If you'd like me to work on your website design, by all means e-mail me.