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Learn techniques and tips to help improve your drawing and CG skill with Organic Metal's comprehensive tutorials created for manga & anime fans and Photoshop users! These tutorials were created a number of years ago and may be a little dated in places. For up-to-date instruction and guides, check out my latest book 'Digital Manga'.

This Tutorials section includes:

title - art q and a
General questions and answers related to art, drawing and CGing (digital colouring).

title - photoshop
Photoshop basics: Tools in relation to CGing / Digital colouring.

title - scanning work
How to successfully scan an image.

title - cleaning work
Cleaning up scanned work to improve line quality and aid the CG process.

title - ready to cg
Preperation before colouring your work: First steps of CGing.

title - laying flats
Laying solid flat colours or base tones.

title - rendering a
Focus on colouring skin and hair.

title - rendering b
Focus on colouring clothes and details.

title - finishing off
Appliying the final touches to artwork.