Aensland siters October 2001

emailhomepageMorrigan by J.Gibbons Nguyen

Comments: Ahh yes, the lovely Morrigan. For this drawing, I used a mechanical pencil (0.5, blue), Micron pens and Photoshop 6.0. I think the lineart took about half an hour, and cging the lineart took about forever. Inspiration came from the DarkStalkers anime. Overall I think I did a good job. >=)

emailhomepageMorrigan by Royce

Comments: Hi! Always been a fave character of mine Morrigan. Come to think of it, I don’t really draw anyone else’s design if not for her. A good friend of mine, Force Vector, who sent in his artwork (posted on your site) told me about this month’s character and knew that it would be right up my alley. I had a couple works of her already(somewhere on my page), but your rules say ‘no nudity’, so lazy as I am I had to do a new one for your site. Hope you like it!
As for the process, it’s the standard pencil drawing, scanned into Photoshop for all the coloring and effects. The actual .PSD is of course split into so many levels. The pen drawing is always safe in it’s own level, and all the colors for the different body parts are separate as well. I do a lot of the ‘burn’ tool after I’ve laid down the basic colors. After all the colors are sort of okay, I can lay down the little hi-lites. That’s it I guess.
The theme I thought up if it can be called that, is to answer the age-old question: just how does Morrigan get her suit to look so skimpy? I figured it just might be an ordinary bathing suit that she just squeezes in the middle. Thanks for starting a place where artist-gamefans can come together!

emailhomepageMorrigan by Matt Page

Comments: It won best b&w art at Anime Festival Orlando 2... I think c_c;

emailhomepageMorrigan Aensland by Fabrizio T Yamai

Comments: Hi Ben! I received your e-mail and thought: Why not? And here it is! I hope you like it.

emailhomepageMorrigan by eric gonzalez

Comments: Pen and ink and colored with prismacolor markers. From Vampire Saviour comes Morrigan. If you like this picture, please visit my site at

emailhomepageLilith by Mario Romero

Comments: I like me so much the Darkstalkers. Even some of my fan-art is combined with other Anime themes. What I can say? I love drawing these CAPCOM stuff. Personally my favorite characters are Felicia & Jon Talbain; every week I´m thinking on more pics or fan-histories.

emailhomepage Lilith by Jen

Comments: ...

emailhomepageLilith by Brianne

Comments: I really wanted to do a brand new picture for this month, but with everything that is going on in my life, I have had to submit a picture of Lilith I did a while ago instead :( Hopefully next month will be better for me though and I'll have time to put into a sub!

emailhomepageSpooky by Jesterspawn

Comments: I had some comments that I was going to write, but I seem to have forgotten them... At any rate, I hope you all enjoy this picture. If you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to tell me I'm disturbed, please email me. Have a Happy Halloween.

emailhomepage Morrigan lounging by Niki Foley

Comments: Well, here's my contribution! I only drew Morrigan (cos frankly, i think she's cooler). This was done entirely in Painter Classic, so it's a tad messy. it's also a bit dark, but oh well hehe. Oh and by the way, thats a little bat on her finger but.. it doesnt look much like one -__-

emailhomepage Lilith by Katharina

Comments: Finally, a Lilith fanart! (After all those RPG and Square characters...) I always wanted to draw her, and there she is ^^. Her face and some anatomical details didn't turn out quite right, but I think that the pose is still good-looking (at least I hope so ^-^;;). And I'm really proud of the coloring, especially on her hips and hair. The bats were not that easy to draw as you might think, because my tablet refused to draw straight lines -_-°. I hope you like it too! ^_^; P.S.: It's such a pity that JPEG permanently ruins the color on my pics!

emailhomepage Magical Morrigan ^^ by MaZ

Comments: I've always liked Morrigan in the Darkstalker series (second to Felicia), so I figured this was my only chance to do a pic of her for a monthly. ^^ Done in Photoshop 6 and Corel 8, you can tell I added my own little touches to little Morri (the goggles and the ripped nylons). ^^ I know she looks more pale than other fan art of her, but that was intentional ~ she's meant to be kinda vampiric/undead, so the pasty skintone goes hand n' hand. :)

emailhomepage Morrigan by Janeen

Comments: Ah... the cheapness of Photoshop coloring. I really don't like this one, photoshop coloring is sort of cheap on a drawing. Oh, and the photograph was taken from a book called Irish Country, by Ann Rooney Heuer. It's altered a bit, but I still have to give her creadit... so I don't get sued!

emailhomepage The Thinker by Ded

Comments: This was drawn on paper, then inked and scanned. Then I tried to colour it with Photoshop.. something I haven't used much yet, so forgive the feeble background! ^_^; Took me about an hour to draw and 3 hours to colour.. I think! But I'm quite pleased with it.

emailhomepage Morrigan by Shadoboxxer aka Victor James Toro

Comments: This is pretty much the image of her in my own head. I was told about your site by somebody at POLYKARBON... so thanks.

emailhomepage Sleepin' Beauty... by Force Vector (nom de mouse)

Comments: Although Morrigan's pose had been thought up early in the month, it was only after racking my brain in vain for a better 'scene' - one where both Aenslands were in the picture, did I finally decide to use it. It took around an hour to sketch the image (Staedtler HB pencil on a piece of bond paper that was just lying about), then scanned. At 150dpi the working image was 1150x1553 in pixel dimensions and the final file was 12 megs in size. Coloring in PhotoShop took around 20 hours - straight (with lunch & dinner breaks). As you will see, my submission does not have any lineart over the colors - it was a technique I had been itching to try out. The image wouldn't be as good as it is if it wasn't for the assistance of Royce Ramos (see his submission somewhere above), who helped point out where certain shadows and highlights should fall.

emailhomepage Morrigan by Robert

Comments: This sketch of Lillith, done entirely with pencil, was scanned and colored with Photoshop 5.

emailhomepage School Time by Aetheros

Comments: It was hard, but finally i got it... I was very busy with work and school in this period, anyway I can't deny a request made by a special guest like you :) CG form 8 pm to 11 am, i hope you'll like my Lilith & Morrigan fanart :D :D Regards, Aetheros

emailhomepage Lilith by Wagner

Comments: ...


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