October 2001

darkstalkersThis month's characters are the Aenslan sisters Morrigan and Lilith from the 2D beat 'em up horror series 'DarkStalkers' aka Vampire Savior. You can choose to draw one, or both of these characters for the Halloween month ^_^

History: Although Lilith (right) and Morrigan (left) share the same surname, they were not born by the same mother. Lilith is in fact a part of Morrigan's evil side which took on a human form hundreds of years later to help Jedah- the lord of the underworld defeat his enemies and capture their souls. As far as I know Morrigan lives alone in her castle, which resides in the Devil dimension, while Lilith is with Jedah in his world. Both immortal vampires spend their time attacking or defending themselves from enemies, 'cos with that little fact, there'd be no game!

Fantastic work from everyone who submitted this month. Everyone deserve a round of applause!

Artist of the month: MaZ!

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