Comments: Hi! Always been a fave character of mine Morrigan. Come to think of it, I don't really draw anyone else's design if not for her. A good friend of mine, Force Vector, who sent in his artwork (posted on your site) told me about this month's character and knew that it would be right up my alley. I had a couple works of her already(somewhere on my page), but your rules say 'no nudity', so lazy as I am I had to do a new one for your site. Hope you like it!
As for the process, it's the standard pencil drawing, scanned into Photoshop for all the coloring and effects. The actual .PSD is of course split into so many levels. The pen drawing is always safe in it's own level, and all the colors for the different body parts are separate as well. I do a lot of the 'burn' tool after I've laid down the basic colors. After all the colors are sort of okay, I can lay down the little hi-lites. That's it I guess.
The theme I thought up if it can be called that, is to answer the age-old question: just how does Morrigan get her suit to look so skimpy? I figured it just might be an ordinary bathing suit that she just squeezes in the middle. Thanks for starting a place where artist-gamefans can come together!
- Royce

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