morrigan and doll

Sleepin' Beauty...

Comments: Although Morrigan's pose had been thought up early in the month, it was only after racking my brain in vain for a better 'scene' - one where both Aenslands were in the picture, did I finally decide to use it. It took around an hour to sketch the image (Staedtler HB pencil on a piece of bond paper that was just lying about), then scanned. At 150dpi the working image was 1150x1553 in pixel dimensions and the final file was 12 megs in size. Coloring in PhotoShop took around 20 hours - straight (with lunch & dinner breaks). As you will see, my submission does not have any lineart over the colors - it was a technique I had been itching to try out. The image wouldn't be as good as it is if it wasn't for the assistance of Royce Ramos (see his submission somewhere above), who helped point out where certain shadows and highlights should fall.
Force Vector

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