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25th December '03: Merry x-mas! Soul Calibur subs are up, so check 'em out ;) This may be the last update for a while, please join the mailling list for info/updates on MVGC and when it will be back up and running. See ya ^_^
19th December '03: December's character submissions will be put on display some time between the 24th and 28th of December.
21st November '03: Hyo and Kyosuke gallery is up- cool stuff. Next up is a christmas treat- a free for all on Soul Calibur- draw any character you like such as Ivy, Taki, Knighmare, Raphael, Cassandra and so on.

The MVGC may be put on hold from January onwards- please stay tuned for updates. Thanks for your support ^_^

21st October '03: Millenia subs up, another new month featuring Hyo and Kyosuke.
21st September '03: A little late, but technically still the 21st ^_~ and Guybrush gallery is online, and a new month awaits for Millenia fan arts- Good luck!
21st August '03: Hoorah- basically updated just in time! Due to popular demand on the message board, this month's chosen chara is Guybrush Threepwood- now look behind you, there's a three-headed monkey! ^_~
24th July '03: Social life managed to get in the way of the Sol update on the 21st, but fanarts are up right now, so check 'em out.
21st June '03: Alice subs up on display- this month's chara is Sol Badguy from GG!
25th May '03: Finally- your pac-men are up! We'll be looking forward to see how you handel something a little different in the form of "Alice".
21st April '03: Samus entries up and very nice they are too ^_^ As for this month- Pac-Man! Looking forward to some very creative entries with this one.
23rd March '03: Silent Hill entries are finally up- sorry for the wait. Also added a new FAQ answer. Altho most people that don't read the submission rules wont read this, please read the submission rules! Most artists are doing a fantastic job sending their entries in the correct format, but those that dont make things a little more difficult when it comes to making updates. And if you happen to have a question, check out the Frequently asked questions page. Thanks :)
21st February '03: Nice to see a lot of new partisipants and cool entries with this month Reiko month! Now's your opportunity to get scary with Silent Hill!
21st January '03: Ryo entries are up for all to see. Shame about the limited turn out depite this being one of the greatest games to hit consoles over the last few years. Looking forward to checking out what you can rustle up for us for this month!
22nd December '02: Apologies for the slight update delay- I hope no one minds too much. The entries were great this month and I'm looking forward to January's subs! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks! ^_^
21st November '02: More or less on time this month so you have enough time to come up with something cool for this year's x-mas treat: the females of DOA!
25th October '02: Subs up- Finally! Enteries for this month are still prefferably due on the 20th, but if you need a few more days due to this month's late update, that's ok. Enjoy!
24th October '02: When's the next character comming up?! Sorry for the wait- the pages are made and ready to be uploaded. The delay's been due to factors out of my control, please be patient! Cheers ^_^
2nd October '02: Two outta the 3 remaining MGS entries are up - Sorry for the wait guys!
22nd September '02: Once again, appologies for the slightly late MGS entries update, it was another large month and I knew I shouldn't have left the update to the last minute! Some entries still need to be sent to me- if that's you, let me know and Good luck with Sofia!
21st August '02: Sorry for the slightly late posting of the entries, but we had a record number of 18! Entries were judged by Jack and Mike this time around.
21st July '02: A lot of nice 'girls from Lunar' subs up this month - Great to see a lot of new commers to the event too. Keep it it!
21st June '02: Crono fans should be pleased with this month's turn out! Time for some more RPG fun with the girls from Luna!
21st May '02: Elexis subs up, Crono subs needed! As always, suggestions for forth coming characters are still welcome, just drop an e-mail :)
29th April '02: Quick update to the Rudy subs. Sorry for being so late with this one Darine!
21st April '02: All the Rudy artworks are up (as far as I know), and due to popular demand, we have a PC chara featured! FAQ and submission form have been updated, and so have all the html pages with the slightly new title graphic! For submissions you may have already noticed the "have you participated before?" question. This is just the make the regular badge giving a little more easy. Cheers
25th March '02: 3 great, new Ulalas!! Check 'em out. Seems the MVGC email server was under repair so last minute subs didn't get though >_< Apologies.
22nd March '02: Patara's Ulala pic's up - sorry your emails didn't reach me in time before the update.
21st March '02: Ulala Subs up- very cool there are too! Now get ready for Rudy! (Entries judged by Jam Kazu). Feel free do discuss entries at the MVGC forum
22nd February '02: Another cool Dante entry that got misplaced was added- sorry Force Vector!
21st February '02: A great display of Devil May Cry Dante pictures have been posted, so check 'em out! and get working on your Ulala subs ^_^ Judging help came from Krafty from BlueBlade Akira. Also if you've got some free time- check out the MVGC forum. You can;
- ask questions not mentioned in the FAQ
- discuss current entries
- discuss previous entries
- nominate games/characters you'd like to see featured
- Disscuss the MVGC part of the site, and mention improvements that could be made etc.
- you could even start up a character poll
- talk about the artists involved
- Post your MVGC picture here while It's still in the works to recieve critique
- Generally you can talk about anything which covers either "monthly", video game" or Characters"!

21st January '02: Yuna subs are all ready for checking out!

Good news for some: I've decided to allow nudity or adult themed material. I don't want to set limits on what artists can and can't draw (content wise) for each month, so if that's what you wanna do, go ahead! And for those that aren't comfortable viewing such images, there will be a marker to indicate adult, uncensored nudity or hentai themes. As for other icons you can expect to see on the character pages, there will be:
for adult themes
for demonstrating great skill, technical ability and generally very cool artwork.
for showing creativity- in the form of the picture's theme or sometimes for good compositions, dynamic perspectives and poses.
for artists that have submitted artwork in the past.
And finally, for an artist that submits ten times or more, which I doubt anyone will achieve for some time! Well... Jesterspawn's nearly there.
I'll try to dish them all out as sparingly as I can and hope not to upset participants that don't receive one of these mini recognition rewards :) The technical and creativity ones are so hard to choose so I hope to bring someone else onboard for assistance next month.

21st December '01: JetSet Radio cast fanarts are up for viewing. For 2002 I'm planning on adding 'honors icons' to participants with exceptional artwork, regular contributors or very creative art etc. Should add a little more fun into things!

21st November '01: Billy entries are up. Ahhh, only 3? Even though this month's over, anyone that wants to get a Billy pic drawn and displayed before x-mas can, considering the inconvieniece last month. On to December now, and a much larger selection for a christmas treat :p

26th October '01: Apologies for the late update. The server needed updating, which meant I was unable to get all the entries uploaded. As least now the site should run a little faster. Despite that, the Morrigan and Lilith entries are up! And there hadn't been so many since Tifa from FF7!

5th October '01: I thought I'd try making a little adjustment to the Submission page - you can now enter using the online form as well as email!

21st September '01: Megamen are up! Small turn out this time. Infact, the smallest turn out this year, but the quality was very consistent, so congratz to those that took part.

2nd September '01: Ayame subs are finally display! Now things can get back into their usual routine.

12th August '01: Ayame subs are still due for 1st September. Mega Man subs due for 20th September!

1st August '01: I've been thinking about how exactly I'll be able to work the August and September months since I'll be away from the computer for a while, however I dont want to skip a month. I think on August 12th I'll also post September's character - that way you'll have more time rather than less. Ayame entries will still be needed by the end of August and will be posted in the begining of September.

21st July '01: July's load of Ken pictures are up and very good they are too. For august you have an extra week or so to finish your entries since I'll be on holiday until the very end of August. Perhaps we'll have to skip a month.

21st June '01: Loads of really cool Tifa artwork has been added for the month of June.

21st May '01: Rei subs are up, sorry for the slight delay. The submissions were really impressive.

21st April '01: All submissions of Mai Shiranui are up - great work by everyone who took part!

29th March '01: I forgot about adding one of the February submissions of Clair by KTMG, so it's up now.

21st March '01: The Suikoden 2 submissions or the Hero and Jowy are up on display. I have a feeling April will be the most popular month yet!

2nd March '01: One new Q and A added to the the FAQ.

22nd February '01: This month's Clair submissions are on display and looking great. Sorry for the delay - something came up on the 21st and I was unable to update the site.

21st January '01: The first submissions are up of Mitsurugi. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated. MVGC has also became a little more NetScape friendly ^_^

16th December '00: The new MVGC is now online! Be sure to participate ^_^ Any problems, let me know.


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