Important Announcement!

After 3 years of game fan art fun, the MVGC has come to and end (yet again!)... But the MVGC shall return at a later date...

As is the fate with the majority of monthly events and contest sites, MVGC has ended mainly due to lack of time to organise each month's gallery as well as some months struggling to receive a handful of art submissions, and as cool as they were, it seems a little hopeless to invest too much time in a not so popular monthly project.

* * * * * NEW NEWS! (Sept '04)
OM forum member Tri Kento has offered to run the MVGC from his own web site: He'll be in charge of handling and posting your game art submissions. So check out the new site, get involved and if you have any queries, drop him an email at:
* * * * *

This MVGC site is currently closed and may reopen at Organic Metal some time in 2005. Watch this space. If you're a video game fan artist or someone who might be interested in contributing some game character art after the event's re-launch, please sign up to the mailing list below. Until the relaunch, you can participate in the MVGC event at it's current new home, now run by Tri Kento.

I'd like to thank the dozens of different artists that have been sending in their artworks and keeping the event going so long. I hope you've enjoyed creating the game art as much as the rest of us have enjoyed checking it out. The monthly galleries are still open to those who want to view some fab gaming artworks.

See ya later ^_^

- Ben Krefta

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